Episode 052 — Three Lessons From The First Year of The Baseball Bucket List Podcast

Believe it or not, this week’s episode marks one year of The Baseball Bucket List Podcast! This week, instead of a regularly structured episode, I’m sharing 3 lessons I’ve learned through baseball over the last year.  Each lesson includes supporting clips from interviews. We’ll be back to our regular format next week. A huge thank you to all of the listeners and guests who have made this last year possible!

Lesson One: It’s not what happens at the ballgame, it’s who you’re there with. 
Episode 015 – Dr. Shane Hunt
Episode 029 – Deborah Dando
Episode 007 – Dr. Paul Semendinger
Episode 003 – Marc Viquez
Episode 049 – Tim Flattery
Episode 030 – Billy Hinton
Episode 021 – Erik “The Peanut Guy” Mertens
Episode 037 – Don Miller
Episode 022 – Glen & Emily Wieger

Lesson Two: If done correctly, loving this game can do incredible things for our mental wellbeing
Episode 032 – Michael Rusignuolo
Episode 025 – Craig Calcaterra
Episode 040 – Ethan Bryan
Episode 006 – Adam Hazel
Episode 042 – John Scukanec
Episode 045 – Scott Mackay

Lesson Three: Baseball is so much bigger than the game
Episode 038 – Erik Rico & Oscar Llarena
Episode 013 – Virgil Brooks
Episode 031 – Jon Ryan
Episode 017 – Michael Harris

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