The Baseball Bucket List Podcast

On each episode of The Baseball Bucket List Podcast we chat with a different fan about their favorite baseball memories, bucket list items, and what the game means to them.

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Episode 012 — Mike Sellers: Throwing a First Pitch & 161 other Baseball Bucket List Items

On this episode of The Baseball Bucket List Podcast, we chat with Mike Sellers from Cincinnati, Ohio. Mike has thrown three first pitches at MiLB games, developed his own ballpark ranking system, and even managed to organize some personal ballpark tours in 2020. He describes some of the things he’s already checked off his 162 item baseball bucket list and some of the things he’d still like to do.

Episode 011 — Suzie Hunter: Road Tripping to all 30 MLB Ballparks in One Summer

This week on The Baseball Bucket List Podcast, we speak with Suzie Hunter about her summer road trip to all 30 MLB ballparks. Not only is she living out every baseball fan’s dream, she’s also utilizing the trip to raise money for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. We cover how she came up with the idea, her best road trip stories, favorite parks and ballpark food along the way, and what’s left on her baseball bucket list.

Episode 010 — Randall Thompson: Founder & President of Dugout Mugs

On this episode of the Baseball Bucket List Podcast, Anna interviews Randall Thompson, Founder and President of Dugout Mugs. We cover Randall’s college and minor league career, his favorite baseball memories, what’s left on his Baseball Bucket List, and of course — the origin story and success of Dugout Mugs. We also chat about Randall’s favorite mug, favorite ballpark, and the company’s charity work with The Mariano Rivera Foundation.

Episode 009 — Elizabeth Kroll: Baseball History in Omaha, Runzas, and the College World Series

In this week’s episode of the Baseball Bucket List Podcast, we’re joined by Elizabeth Kroll. Elizabeth is an Omaha native and former meteorologist who shares her love of Nebraska college and minor league baseball. She also explains what it’s like to have the College World Series in your backyard. We cover favorite baseball memories, what made the CWS a little different in 2021, her favorite MLB ballparks so far, and even what a Runza is.

Episode 005 — Rob Nelson: Creator of Big League Chew

On today’s episode of The Baseball Bucket List Podcast, we speak with Rob Nelson, creator of Big League Chew. We cover how he got started with baseball, his international playing career, favorite baseball memories, and of course — how he came up with the idea of Big League Chew.

Episode 003 — Ballpark Hunting with Marc Viquez

In this episode of The Baseball Bucket List Podcast, we chat with Marc Viquez – The Ballpark Hunter. We cover his favorite ballparks (he’s been to 276 and counting!), ballpark foods, baseball memories, and why a trip to Minnesota may be in order if you’re a ballpark hunter yourself.