On each episode of The Baseball Bucket List Podcast we chat with a different fan about their favorite baseball memories, bucket list items, and what the game means to them.

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Most Recent Episodes

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Episode 139 – Dixie Tourangeau: Play Ball! Calendar, The Arky Vaughan for The Hall Committee, & The Only Triple Play / Grand Slam Combo in History

Dixie Tourangeau, hailing from Central Massachusetts, has an intriguing twist to his allegiance in the age-old Red Sox-Yankees rivalry due to his unique approach to baseball fandom and his deep involvement with SABR. As the creator of the Play Ball Calendar for nearly 25 years, Dixie has contributed significantly to educating fans about baseball history and may have even influenced Hall of Fame elections. Beyond witnessing three no-hitters live, Dixie has also experienced a singular event in baseball history.

Episode 138 — Gary Livingston: College Baseball Radio, the Inner Workings of the Texas League, & The Campaign to Bring Back Bat Night!

Gary Livingston is a Chicago Cubs fan living near San Antonio, Texas. We dive into Gary’s love for the game, rooted in his Chicago upbringing and fueled by memorable experiences like attending his first game at Wrigley Field on bat night.

Gary shares his experiences working in minor league baseball, covering everything from college radio to interning with the Texas Rangers, and working in the Double-A Texas League.

Episode 136 — Alex Goldberg: An Anticlimactic No-No, A Bold Move at Fenway, & Sometimes the Good Guys Should Lose

Alex Goldberg is a long-time O’s fan who grew up in the DC area. After leaving DC, he moved to New York before eventually landing in California where he currently resides and works as a playwright, screenwriter, and director. We hear stories about three World Series games Alex has seen across three different decades, and about a less-than-dramatic no-hitter featuring a clueless Craig Kimbrel.

Older Episodes

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Episode 126 — Thankful for Baseball

All Episodes / Episode 126 — Thankful for Baseball In this special Thanksgiving episode, hear directly from baseball fans why they are thankful for the game of baseball. In order of appearance: Charles Dennis: @51stubs Victor DiTommaso Derek Malinowski: @ChicagoDerek7...