On each episode of The Baseball Bucket List Podcast we chat with a different fan about their favorite baseball memories, bucket list items, and what the game means to them.

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Episode 117 — Paul Willems: Collecting Cards as a Kid, Wisconsin’s Big League Pedirgree, & Growing the Game Through Social Media

Paul Willems is a life-long Brewers fan from the Milwaukee area. His love of baseball comes from a combination of family memories and his childhood hobby of collecting baseball cards. We discuss how the game has changed since we were kids, how baseball mimics life, and how many teams are embracing social media to connect with the next generation of baseball fans.

Episode 115 — Rob Ullman: Pirates, Squirrels, & All Day Baseball

Rob Ullman is a life-long Pirates fan currently living in Richmond, Virginia. He is a professional cartoonist who publishes a weekly comic strip highlighting the history of sports in Pittsburgh, and has also worked with his local minor league team, the Richmond Flying Squirrels.

Episode 112 — Rickey Hill & Jeff Celentano: The Incredible Real-Life Story of The Hill – In Theaters Everywhere August 25th

The Hill is a movie based on the remarkable real-life story of Rickey Hill and his journey overcoming incredible amounts of adversity to achieve the impossible. As a kid, Rickey was burdened by leg braces and a degenerative spine condition that should have prevented him from ever walking. Despite those challenges, Rickey couldn’t shake the belief that he was meant to be a professional baseball player, even as he was told by doctors, coaches, and his own father that it would never happen.

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Extra Innings: Paul Caputo’s World Series Experience

All Episodes / Extra Innings: Paul Caputo’s World Series Experience On this Extra Innings episode of the Baseball Bucket List Podcast, I catch up with Paul Caputo about attending Game 3 of the 2022 World Series featuring his Philadelphia Phillies and the Houston...