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We’re all crazy for the greatest game ever.

Baseball Bucket List is the place to track your ballparks, check off once in a lifetime experiences, and plan your next baseball adventure.

“Baseball is an American icon. It is the Statue of Liberty, the bald eagle, ‘In God We Trust,’ Mount Rushmore, ice cream, apple pie, hot dogs, and rally monkeys. Baseball is America.”

Victor Baltov, Jr.

Track Your Ballparks

Trying to make it to all 30 MLB ballparks? Been to dozens of minor league parks? Each buckethead gets their own map to track their baseball journeys.

Pin each park you visit, and our ballpark tracker will automatically tally up how many stadiums you’ve been to. 

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Create Your Own Bucket List

Add your personal bucket list items using our Bucket List tool. Want to travel to all 30 parks? Add it, then do it! Want to touch the Rays in the tank in centerfield at Tropicana Field? Add it! Want to eat 162 hot dogs in a single season? Ambitious…add it!

Once you’ve completed an item on your bucket list, tell the community about it. Upload your photos and post about your accomplishment. Sharing your experiences can help other bucketheads check items off of their lists.

Commemorate your Ballpark Chase!

Checking parks off your bucket list?

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Ballpark Guides

Our ballpark guides cover everything necessary to make your day at the ballpark a success. Learn where to park, where you should grab a beer before the game, and what the best places for food and drink are once you’re inside. If you’re planning a trip specifically for baseball, we even include some “other attractions” you can share with your family to convince them this wasn’t just a “baseball trip”. We won’t tell them.

MLB Ballpark Guides
Baseball Fan Podcast


Enjoy stories from other bucketheads, get insights on ballparks, travel, and must-dos from mega fans.

On each episode of The Baseball Bucket List Podcast we chat with a different fan about their favorite baseball memories, bucket list items, and what the game means to them.

If you’re interested in being a guest on our podcast, fill out our application!

“People ask me what I do in the winter when there’s no baseball.
I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.”

Rogers Hornsby

Baseball Bucket List Buckethead

Are You a Buckethead?

Buckethead noun

1. an enthusiastic devotee of baseball (usually as a spectator) who has a “bucket list” of baseball related items. Their goal is to check off as many items as possible.

Ex: Joe is a real Buckethead, he’s been to all 30 active Major League Ballparks, and caught a home run!

2. a member of the Baseball Bucket List online community.

Ex: is full of Bucketheads who are just as crazy about baseball as you are. You should probably sign up.


Track Your Ballpark Progress

Most baseball fans want to hit all 30 parks. Where are you on your list? Keep track right here.


Meet Other Fans

Talk baseball with other fans. Get insights on the things you haven’t done yet. Keep up with your favorite team.


Check Off Items on Your Bucket List

Keep track of every baseball related thing you’d like to do. Check ’em off as you go along.

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