Episode 007 — Dr. Paul Semendinger: Playing Catch on the Field of Dreams, Yankees Fandom, and “The Least Among Them”

In this episode of the Baseball Bucket List Podcast we speak with Dr. Paul Semendinger. Paul is an author of several books and runs the New York Yankees blog Start Spreading the News. We talk about how his love for baseball came to be, his upcoming book The Least Among Them, and his experience of playing catch with his dad at the Field of Dreams. He also discusses what it’s like to have an in-house Yankees / Red Sox rivalry, and shares some tips for visiting Yankee Stadium. Anna also gets a chance to share why she has a soft spot for the Yankees, which may come as a surprise to most people.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Website: https://startspreadingthenews.blog/
Twitter: @DrPaulRSem
Twitter: @NYY_Report
Book – The Least Among Them:  Pre-Order on Amazon

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