Incomplete: See the Dodgers in every ballpark

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  1. This is such a fun bucket list item for 3 reasons. 1) It really never ends. Eventually ballparks close and you get to return to cities again. 2) Planning out all of the interleague matchups over the course of several years is a ton of fun! 3) When you go see YOUR team for interleague, there are always tons of other fans of YOUR team that are there in that city, so it’s like you’re all on this little journey together not only at the ballpark but at local attractions, tourist sites, and restaurants! It’ll be like a mini LA takeover where ever you go. — My wife and I are currently on a mission to see the Cubs play in every ballpark, and we’re up to 20, but one of those is old Globe Life Park (so back to Arlington we must go!) The schedules are supposed to change starting in 2023 to be more “balanced”; I guess we’ll see what that ends up meaning for interleague play, but as of now, your Dodgers only play in 4 road interleague stadiums per season, and one of those is Anaheim every year, which you’ve probably already been to. That means you can only get to a max of 3 other AL stadiums per year, and that’s assuming you’re available to make all those trips! Otherwise, based on the current scheduling process, they won’t be back to those cities for 6 more years in most cases (sometimes it’s only 3 years, but that’s a toss-up; it’s usually 6 years.) So at best, you could get to every AL park in a minimum of 6 seasons, but if you’re like us and can’t make EVERY road interleague matchup, it’s more like a 12 or 18 year process, which I think makes its such an impressive & amazing bucket list item. Have fun! It’s a journey you’ll never forget.

    1. yes this is certainly going to take some time. I want to see every ballpark but with only so much disposable income it seems crazy not to make sure it coincides with when my team is there (especially since I live in northeast Ohio.)

      A work trip is taking me to Colorado this year so I am excited to knock Coors Field off the list.

      And yes, sometimes it does feel like a Dodgers home game even on the road. I saw them play the Reds in Cincinnati and it was all blue for that game!

  2. Love this! Doing the same thing for the Rays, but I am only 6 parks into it so far. I have plans to check off seeing them play at Target Field this summer! How many parks have you seen the Dodgers at?

    1. I am not far along in this journey. PNC (just got my tickets for back to back games in a few weeks!) Great American Ballpark and Progressive Field. Knocking out Coors Field this summer since I have a work trip to Colorado! Hoping they’re in Detroit next year to get that one in.