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Chicago, IL

Other Interests

Cornhole, Maps, Vexillology



I’m a huge Chicago sports fan, and I’ll always be down to grab a beer and watch the game. Cheers!

Baseball Info

Favorite Team

Chicago Cubs

Favorite Ballpark(s)

Wrigley Field, Sloan Park, Coors Field, American Family Field, Oracle Park, T-Mobile Park

Best Baseball Memory

Without a doubt, it has to be the night the Cubs won the World Series. We were living in Denver at the time, but were out at a Chicago bar that was absolutely standing room only, I mean completely packed. The energy, and later on, the nervous energy was palpable. And when that final out was recorded, the release of all that energy was just an explosion of beer and euphoria throughout the place. I found myself chest deep in a bear hug with a stranger. Crying and laughing and crying some more, all in joy. It was an absolutely magical experience. I hope to see the Cubs win again obviously, but I don’t know if anything will be quite like that first time. I had just gotten married in July of 2016, and I jokingly tell my wife that our wedding was the 2nd best thing that happened that year. She’s a good sport though and goes along with it. She was there with me that night at the bar, and after all the celebrating and jubilation died down a couple hours later, we eventually got home and were forced to shower before going to bed. We were both drenched in beer and champagne, but it’s certainly a memory I’ll never forget.