Completed: Stay in a hotel room that looks into a ballpark

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We have talked about how cool it would be to stay in the hotel in Toronto that looks into Rogers Centre and while that is part of our bucket list item for Toronto, we discovered that there are other ballparks that have those type of hotels. To be clear, not just close (we always prefer those so we don’t have to drive to/from the game) but actually looking inside. We booked a night in Oklahoma City that had a room that looked into the field. The staff was kind enough to give us one of those rooms. It was amazing. We found ourselves just looking out the window and into the field to see what was going on. In the end, the game was rained out but we still watched warm-ups and the following day, before we left, we got to see the tarp removed and the grounds crew working on the field. We’ll go back for a game and stay here again and I can’t wait!


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    1. Oh, that’s an interesting thought. It would be great to have that list. I may have to do some digging to see if even a partial one exists somewhere. So far I have just been using google maps to search out hotels that are next to ballparks and then following up individually. A list would really simplify things.

      1. I also browse ballparks to visit on Google maps when I have downtime at work. Based on my searches these are the ones so far that I’ve seen with hotels looking in

        Rodgers Centre- Toronto
        Riders Field-Frisco, Texas
        Bricktown Ballpark-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
        Parkview Field-Fort Wayne, Indiana
        BB&T Ballpark-Charlotte, North Carolina