Incomplete: Find and stay in all the hotels with views of the ballpark.

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We have discovered the joy and convenience of staying next to a ballpark. It’s a wonderful combination of convenience (no need to figure out stadium parking, directions, etc), adult fun (you can drink all you want and stay for the after party without worrying about getting home) and baseball fun (the anticipation watching the workers get the field and stadium ready while players come out and do their pre-game/day-of-game routines is wonderful) while also offering unique views of the fields (how often do you get the birds-eye view in-person and not from Google??).

So for us it started in Dayton (Dragons) where we stayed across the street. Then it was the Florence Y’alls where our hotel was on the other side of the parking lot (the view wasn’t there but walking to and from was awfully nice). Oklahoma City Dodgers offered the best view but we were rained out so the experience was halved (I added a bucket list item to get back and finish this one).

Side note for everyone is that Malcolm McMillin (i.e. TheBallParkGuide on Instagram) has started (is working on) a list of all of them. I’ve followed (and chatted with) him and am looking forward to checking all of them off my list. 🙂



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  1. We just stayed at Live! By Lowes next to Globe Life last night. Beautiful views of the old park, current park, and AT&T Stadium. Definitely would recommend booking the night of a 1pm game when the team is off the next day…very affordable that way!

  2. Here in El Paso, I can see the ballfield clearly from my 14th floor room at the Doubletree, but there’s a Marriott Courtyard that’s even closer to be able to do what you’re wanting to!

    1. That’s awesome! Thanks for the tip! We’re trying to figure out a way (financially/logistically/schedule-wise) to do a west coast swing and coming through El Paso is definitely a possibility.