Episode 145 — Sandro Prosperino: A Decade of All-Star Games, How Chasing Never Stops, & Bonding Through Baseball

Sandro Prosperino is a New York Yankees fan who rediscovered his love for the game through a unique journey with his son, Kori. Sandro shares how their father-son tradition of attending baseball games across the country, particularly centered around All-Star Games, became a priceless vehicle for bonding. Click here to read Kori’s essay about how he came to realize these trips were about way more than baseball.

Anna and Sandro also discuss how the All-Star tradition came to be, the absurd amount of walk-off wins Sandro has witnessed, what’s next for the duo, and what it’s like to be family friends with Bobby Bonilla.

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[00:00:00] Sandro: I knew for him, it was about baseball. I hoped that he would get to the point where he would see that as much as he loves baseball, it was more like the backdrop of just our bond, our relationship.

[00:00:13] And modeling to him, I guess, parenting and that someday when he, if he’s ever a parent to, to build a strong bond with his kids, with whatever they love, you know, baseball, wasn’t my thing. I mean, I think it is now because of him. The fact that, you know, that it’s his passion, his journey, and just being a part of that journey has been pretty cool. 

[00:00:43] Anna: What’s up bucketheads. Thanks for tuning in and welcome to episode number 145 of the baseball bucket list podcast. I’m your host Anna DiTommaso. And each week on the show, I speak with a different baseball fan about their favorite memories. What’s left on their baseball bucket list and what the game of baseball means to them. 

[00:00:57] This week, I sat down with Sandro Prosperino from New York. 

[00:01:01] Sandro is a long time Yankee fan who lost touch with the game for several years after the 1994 strike ended the season prematurely. Like many fans though, he found his way back to the game. Specifically thanks to his son, Kori. Kori is a high school senior who has been a lifelong fan of the game. And together, Sandro and Kori have visited 33 total parks. In addition to trying to see all of the ballparks, the father and son duo has been to nine different all-star games. Usually wrapping the meat of their ballpark visits around all-star week, each year. What started as a means of checking off parks quickly morphed into a priceless vehicle for bonding between the pair, perfectly captured by a college essay written by Kori. 

[00:01:40] With Sandro, I discussed how their traditions came to be, what’s next for the duo, and what it’s like to be friends with Bobby Bonilla. Kori was gracious enough to let me post his essay on the show notes page for this episode. So be sure to check that out. It’s definitely something you’ll want to read.

[00:01:55] I had a blast with this episode, Sandro was so much fun to talk to. I know you all are going to love it too. Now without further ado, sit back, relax and enjoy some baseball banter with Sandro Prosperino.

[00:02:07] Sandro, thank you so much for joining us today on the Baseball Bucket List. How are things up north in New York?

[00:02:15] Sandro: Things are going well. My son’s, uh, senior year of baseball has just started. He’s got game number three today. So, uh, you know, opening day is tomorrow. So it’s a good time of the year.

[00:02:24] Anna: finally we’ve made it right like it feels like we have survived is the feeling that I always kind of get where I Woke up this morning and I was like, oh my goodness tomorrow is opening day and I could not be happier about it

[00:02:35] Sandro: Yeah. There’s something about baseball starting that, uh, really kicks off spring.

[00:02:39] Anna: For sure. It kind of gives you this Revitalization on life in general and it’s just a super exciting time. So I know we’re gonna get into how baseball kind of weaves in and out of out of your life and our lives But you know, the first question I always get started with is how is it that you became a fan of the game?

[00:02:58] Sandro: So for me, I was a casual baseball fan growing up and then 1994 hit with the strike and the entire playoffs were wiped out. I’m in my early twenties. I was very just upset how it all went down. And I, quite honestly, I stopped watching baseball. For the longest time. And unfortunately I missed a good chunk of, of the Yankees history as being a Yankee fan and like the core four and winning all those world series.

[00:03:26] And it wasn’t until, um, my son got really into baseball that, uh, that I really fell in love with the sport. Honestly, I just, I just fell in love watching him. Be so passionate about something.

[00:03:41] Anna: I love that story for so many reasons. One, obviously we hear a lot about 1994 and kind of how that wrecked a lot of passion that baseball fans had, you know, it just kind of seemed like the magic was lost from the game. And somehow, some way, it seems that fans always kind of find their way back to the game and it might be 20 years later, it might be two years later, but.

[00:04:04] It just seems to kind of happen. And so for that to be basically because of your son is I got to imagine kind of add another layer to, to how cool it was to kind of find your way back to something you enjoyed when you were younger.

[00:04:18] Sandro: Absolutely. He, he’s got an eye for baseball, just like the little intricacies of what goes on, who’s a switch hitter. you know, when the DH rule was just an American league, you know, he would say little things at a very young age, like dad, can we go to Citi Field and watch a game? I’m like, well, why do you want to go to a Mets game?

[00:04:34] It’s like, I just want to watch, uh, I want to see the pitchers hit. And I’m like, we’ve never discussed that, you know? So like he would always pick up on the little nuances. And, uh, I knew early on, I had a baseball fan.

[00:04:45] Anna: Definitely. So tell us a little bit about your son, what his name is, and you mentioned he’s in his senior year right now. He’s playing backstory on, you know, kind of what type of player he is.

[00:04:56] Sandro: So Kori’s, yeah, he’s 18. He’s in his senior year, uh, in a few months, he’ll be heading off to college. Uh, actually tomorrow we leave for Florida to kind of figure out if it’s going to be Florida, Florida state for him. Um, he visited those campuses about a year ago, but now he’s going down there with this lens of being an accepted student.

[00:05:14] Uh, he loves baseball. We’re in a small town, so he’s got an opportunity to really shine as a, in, in a small town. And, uh, Great, great coach, great coaching staff players, and, uh, he’s a middle infielder. Uh, he does play a little bit of the outfield, uh, at times, wherever the coach needs, but he is, you know, he’s a, he’s a decent little ball player.

[00:05:36] Anna: I, I imagine it’s, it’s gotta be pretty cool to, to watch him kind of finish out the high school career here. And then you’re speaking my language with Florida, you know, I, I didn’t go to school in Florida, but I spent a good chunk of my life there and, not a bad place for dad to go visit.

[00:05:50] I will say, right.

[00:05:51] Sandro: Yeah. Yeah. So I’m excited. I’m gonna be seeing Gainesville and Tallahassee for the first time. He’s been there before, so I’m gonna get a chance to go down and check out these, these towns and, uh, who will love their university.

[00:06:02] Anna: Very nice. Yeah. Good college towns. A lot of fun there. So is Kori a Yankee fan too, or is that something that, uh, you know, you, you kind of keep on your own?

[00:06:13] Sandro: No, he is. We’re both Yankee fans. He was a huge Jeter fan, Derek Jeter fan. And now he’s, uh, Aaron judge is this guy. So he’s, uh, all about the Yankees.

[00:06:23] Anna: Okay. How do you feel? I mean, it’s looking like kind of a rough start for them this year just based on how spring training’s kind of unfolded, but you never know, right?

[00:06:31] Sandro: Yeah. I mean, it’s just look all, you know, if, if, uh, few injuries and then it just derails derails things. I mean, with Garret Cole, if he’s, uh, doesn’t come back in June, that’ll change things. And then these other guys that have had some rough patches these last few years, whether it’s, you know, Rizzo or LeMahieu, , but, you know, again, it’s about pitching if they can get put it, put that together.

[00:06:52] And these guys hit, who knows, right? And then with Juan Soto, hopefully he’s going to be here longer than just one year. Hopefully he falls in love with New York and the fans. And, and, uh, we’ll see how that goes.

[00:07:03] Anna: It’s, it’s exciting this time of year. Everybody feels like they got a shot. And, um, I, I think that’s one of the reasons I like it so much is it’s just full of so much promise and opportunity and, uh, you know. Not a lot of downside yet. So it’s exciting. You talked about how you kind of found your way back to baseball because of Kori and his interest in the game.

[00:07:26] But I mean, there’s a lot more to this story, right? It’s not like you guys are just casual New York Yankees fans and you only watch that team, you only care about Yankee Stadium, you know, there’s, there’s a, there’s a deeper thing here. So, can you kind of share with listeners this really awesome tradition and kind of just lifelong thing that you two have, have kind of.

[00:07:51] Gotten into together

[00:07:54] Sandro: So a bunch of years ago, roughly around 2012 or so, um, I go to my buddy, Drew, and I’m like, Drew, how about we, we, uh, get one of those small season ticket plans, you know, for the Yankees, you know, you and me, whether it’s a twosome or foursome, whatever it is. And Drew right away, shoots it down. He’s like, listen, he’s like, it, You know, you spend a lot of money, you can’t go to all the games, and then you try to sell them, but you’re competing with the StubHubs or whatever, and then you decide that you’re going to just give them away for free, and then you finally can’t even give them away for free, and then you’re like, you’re just throwing all this money away, and he says to me, look, he’s like, if you want to start doing some baseball games, let’s just pick one or two games, A year and just do it the right way meaning like the best seat in the house or whatever so he plants that seat in my head and uh, the All-Star Game comes to new york in 2013 so we go to Citi Field and we watch some some baseball there right the home run derby the All-Star Game and then Uh, we embark on a on a trip And we ended up hitting, uh, seven different, uh, actually eight different games in seven days.

[00:09:07] And, uh, it was a loop, you know, we started in Milwaukee, looped around, went away to Pittsburgh and all, and we ended up back in, uh, in Chicago. it was just an awesome trip. And then from there, what we did is that we figured, you know what, let’s, let’s try to hit all the ballparks and we basically centered our trips around the All-Star Games.

[00:09:28] So wherever the All-Star Game is. will start the cities surrounding there, the ballparks around them, and end up, and the culmination is the All-Star Game, which is a pretty cool way to end a baseball trip. So, whether it’s when, um, you know, when Petco had it in San Diego, we started up north, we had Oakland, San Fran, drove down to the Dodgers, ended up in, in, um, in San Diego.

[00:09:52] Uh, the year was in Miami, we flew into Atlanta, drove to, uh, Tampa, and then, and then finished in Miami. Um, and we’ve just made that as a tradition where we, uh, we just center it around the All-Star Game. Uh, we’re hoping that this summer we’ll get to, uh, to Texas. That’s the goal, right? That’s the plan. We have our, we have our tickets.

[00:10:11] Our flights and, uh, it’ll be our 10th All-Star Game that we’ve, that he and I have done. And, uh, and we’ve done some other cool little trips. You know, I teach. So, um, if there’s like a spring break, you know, one year we went out to, uh, to Denver to, to knock off that stadium. And it was pretty cool. The first night we caught a Denver nuggets playoff game night two, we hit a Colorado avalanche playoff game.

[00:10:33] And then night three was, uh, was a Rockies game. So we came in three games, three nights, three different sports. Two of them were playoffs. And, uh, You know, we, we mix in some, some sightseeing. So it’s just been such an awesome tradition of just, uh, seeing cities, uh, you know, a lot of driving in there as well.

[00:10:52] Um, the Minnesota All-Star Game, we drove all the way out to Minnesota, hitting a bunch of ballparks and then drove, drove back home. And, uh, so it’s been a lot of fun.

[00:11:01] Anna: Yeah, I mean I love this because I’ve heard both of these things as kind of separate ideas here Right, like a lot of people say they want to go visit all 30 ballparks And then a lot of people say my thing is the All-Star Game Like I’m gonna try my darndest to get to the All-Star Game every year But this is the first time I’m actually hearing of it being kind of designed into this complete package where you’re trying to check off some of the parks on your way to the All-Star Game And I I think that’s really really neat and you’re right like you have that entire week leading up to it That’s kind of like, you know, that’s a very Important part of the season like there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening going into the all star break and then to have Finish up the trip with a homerun derby and an All-Star Game and then like a week off of baseball basically for everybody a cool idea.

[00:11:52] I’ve never heard of anyone doing it that way But I think it’s um, it’s really cool. Whose idea was that? You

[00:11:58] Sandro: So I’m very lucky. One of our, one of our family friends, good family friends is Bobby Bonilla.

[00:12:03] Anna: Oh, I’ve heard of him.

[00:12:07] Sandro: so I’m very lucky to have Bobby in my life. Bobby is one of the kindest, most generous people that I know. And, uh, so we, we, we, uh, we meet up with them at the All-Star Games, his family, my family, and we’ve made it a little bit of a tradition. His, uh, however, these last couple of years, he hasn’t joined us.

[00:12:23] His youngest is a phenomenal golfer. And he’s getting recruited nationally. So, um, we actually spoke to the day and we looked at his, um, the golf schedule and there’s a little break in there, uh, for Texas. So he did say, you know what, maybe, you know, maybe we could sneak in Texas this year. So we’re hoping that he’s going to join us back in again, uh, on the trip.

[00:12:45] But, um, it’s sort of involved because of that, because we, we met up with him. Uh, our first All-Star Game, like I said, was C Field, and we went with him and we had an absolute blast. and, and the boys got along very well. You know, Kori and, and, and, and Bobby’s son. And then, um, we just said, Hey, let’s, let’s keep doing this.

[00:13:03] Let’s, let’s meet up for the All-Star Game. And then, and then we added the extra layer, my son and I, of just hitting ballparks along the way to get to the All-Star Game.

[00:13:11] Anna: yeah, okay. Wow, that’s awesome. I mean it’s good to have friends especially friends who um, Love the game as much as you do and have some pull like that So, you know everyone’s gonna hate me if I don’t ask you this question now that I know that you’re a friend of Bobby’s What does he think about the fact that the internet just goes like absolutely crazy on Bobby Bonilla a day every single year?

[00:13:34] Sandro: It’s, I mean, he enjoys it, but it’s also. You know, it’s a little bit, I imagine it’s a nuisance, uh, on one hand as well, too. Um, I don’t, uh, I’ve never really talked to him about that specifically. We talk a lot about baseball, but I don’t talk about that July 1st day. to me, it’s just another day.

[00:13:51] I know, uh, you know, I just, uh, you know, I enjoy our friendship and, and, um, uh, it doesn’t usually come up. He and I, I know, you know, there’s been some promotions lately these last couple of years where, um, you know, whether it’s companies or ballparks or, or, or tying that in, and he’s been a part of that.

[00:14:10] but, uh, as long as they just talk about the type of person that he is, which I hope they do more, because he really is one of the nicest guys in my life. And, uh, you know, but, but yeah, it does, it does come up a lot, of course, once a year, right?

[00:14:24] Anna: Yeah. Right. Yeah. Well, it makes me happy to hear that he’s a good guy. Like, that’s always nice to, to, to hear that like people who have gone on to have a successful career in life and everything like that, it’s nice to hear that they stay grounded and they stay good guys. So that, that makes me happy to hear.

[00:14:40] Back to these trips. you shared an essay with me that your son wrote. Yeah. Yeah. And, what I’d like to do is try to read a portion of that, if you’re okay with it.

[00:14:53] Sandro: Yeah, I am.

[00:14:54] Sure. 

[00:14:54] Anna: I’m gonna try my best to not just like fall to pieces here, but uh, so this is, this is a paragraph from, from Kori’s essay here. It says, As a young boy seeing the world around me with unassuming eyes, I thought our trips were meant for the sole purpose of watching ball games and experiencing other parts of the country.

[00:15:12] Over time, I’ve realized that baseball games were merely a bonus. The time spent traveling cross country became opportunities for my dad and I to grow our relationship. We’ve spent countless hours talking, laughing, and just being together. And, uh, Man, I mean, so, so Kori’s 18 now. He, he must’ve been 18, 17, 16 when he wrote this.

[00:15:35] And um, you know, if baseball bucket list had like a mission statement, I think this might be pretty darn close to it. So kind of talk about what it meant for you to really have that bonding time with your son through the vehicle of baseball and travel. 

[00:15:54] Sandro: Well, for me, it was always about that. And with Kori starting this journey at a very young age, you know, back in 2013, he would have been, you know, six and a half or so. And he was very young. I knew for him, it was about baseball. And I had hoped and I guess I hoped that he would get to the point where he would see that as much as he loves baseball, it was more like the backdrop of just our bond, our relationship.

[00:16:26] And modeling to him, I guess, just parenting and that someday when he, if he’s ever a parent to, to build a strong bond with his kids, with whatever they love, um, you know, he does mention in there that, you know, cause I’m a soccer coach here in town and, uh, you know, baseball, wasn’t my thing. I mean, I think it is now because of him. The fact that, you know, that it’s his passion, his journey, and just being a part of that journey and seeing, this through his eyes has been has been pretty cool. And so I’m glad that he’s had a chance to reflect on on these trips and realize that it’s gone way beyond. Baseball, you know, we had one, one trip we went on where, um, the, the all-star game was at Cincinnati.

[00:17:21] we started in DC then Baltimore, then Pittsburgh for a couple games, and then ending up in, uh, in, in Cincinnati. And, you know, we get to DC it’s, it’s, it’s the first stadium. It’s the first time us visiting that stadium.

[00:17:35] The weather’s iffy. I checked the forecast. We should be good. We get to the stadium, the tarps on there. We’re inside, we order food. And then the vendor says, you do know the game has been canceled. Right. And I’m like, well, my first thought is, well, why are you taking my money then? You know? And then my second thought was, man, okay, we got to come back to this stadium someday.

[00:17:56] So we eat, we leave. And as we’re leaving, we’re walking back to our hotel. Kori, he was crying. He’s like, daddy’s like, this is our chance at this, at the stadium. It’s gone, you know, and and he was very upset and the whole time I’m thinking to myself, it’s not about the stadiums It’s about hanging out and so on and the trip ended up being Phenomenal because you know, the next day was a sightseeing day in DC.

[00:18:21] We go to Baltimore And we they walk off that night and then we go to Pittsburgh and it’s two extra innings both walk offs So we see three straight nights of walk offs And, and then we get to Cincinnati and he’s on the field for the home run derby. He’s in the clubhouse for the home run derby. And he’s talking to guys like McCutcheon and telling them like, Hey, I was at your game when you walked off.

[00:18:43] And it was just, um, ended up being such a tremendous trip and it started so low in his eyes and ended so high for him. But for me, it was always the same. It was just, I was with him. It was with my son. And, uh, and, and it was just a, it was a blast, but you know, with, with that college essay of his. I knew he was writing about the trips and I wasn’t sure if that was the way to go.

[00:19:06] I’m like, wait, you’re writing about, you know, I don’t know. It kind of seems like, oh, we go to all the baseball stadiums. And, and I wasn’t sure if that was the angle. And then I thought his thing was more about seeing the country, you know, exploring, you know, new cultures. And, and it wasn’t until like months after he had submitted this, the essay, that’s one of his guidance counselor told me and say, listen, have you seen the essay said I haven’t, she’s like, you haven’t seen the essay. No, I haven’t. She’s like, it’s kind of about you. And that’s when I went to him and said, look, I go, do you mind sharing your essay with me? And then when I saw it, I just teared up just reading his words and just reflecting on what this trip has meant, what this trip has meant to him and what it’s meant to me as well.

[00:19:55] Anna: Yeah. Um, I don’t know how you expect me to be able to talk after that. That’s a, it’s not quite fair, but you know, I think the reason that, that I’m getting worked up over it and I’m sure that anybody listening right now is kind of getting worked up over it is because so many of us have had similar experiences either, you know, with our dad or with our significant other or, you know, whatever it may be.

[00:20:19] And so, It makes me really happy to know that at 18, your son has kind of already gotten that part of it figured out because that leaves him so much time to really understand, you know, what baseball is for. And it, it’s, it’s, You’re right. It’s for the relationships. It’s for the time together. It’s for the time between the games where you’re getting a chance to talk in the car as you’re driving across the country.

[00:20:46] And, um, it just makes me really happy anytime I hear stories like this because that’s, that’s what it’s all about. You know, it doesn’t matter really if the game gets rained out, as you said, or if your team gets, you know, loses in a heartbreaker or something like that. You’re still always going to remember who you were there with.

[00:21:05] And what was talked about and kind of that whole vibe of it as opposed to you might not even be able to remember the score of some of those games, you know, so, um, it’s just, it’s just incredible. so you’re, you’re wrapping up hopefully this summer here in Arlington. of course, it doesn’t often happen that the defending world champions are hosting the All-Star Game. And so that’s a hot ticket to get. I know because I live near Arlington and, , I’m trying to work my magic to end up at the ballpark, but What are the remaining parks and are you going to try to kind of work them around the All-Star Game as you have in the past?

[00:21:45] Sandro: So this is our, our 29th park that we’ve done 29 at the moment, we’ve done 33 overall. So Arlington now, the new Texas stadium will be will complete the 30 for us. And, um, I do know next year, I believe they announced it’s in Atlanta. We saw both Atlanta ballparks. I think what they’ve done there with the battery, that little area there is just tremendous, just like that vibe walking into the stadium and the energy.

[00:22:14] So I, I, I hope that we can get to that stadium next year. And then, uh, you know, Philly’s only a couple hours away from us the year after. So I’m hoping that we can continue the tradition of, of going to the All-Star Games. You know, granted he’ll be in college, but he’ll be home for the summer. He may not be home.

[00:22:30] Who knows? He may stay in Florida. Um, but I’m hoping we can continue the traditions of, of the ballparks. You know, I guess potentially trying to see some games outside the country, right? I mean, that’s, you know, they’re definitely doing a lot with the sport to grow it, um, you know, outside the U. S. So maybe trying to catch a game or two outside would be pretty cool.

[00:22:50] Anna: That’s awesome. I mean, I think that’s a, that’s always a good, um, kind of next goal. That’s, that’s kind of where I’m headed to in terms of, okay, I’ve seen all 30, now what? Is, you know, you kind of pick your head up and you’re like, well, I’ve been doing this for like more than a decade and now I don’t know what I’m going to like plan my vacations around.

[00:23:07] Sandro: All right. Well, we purposely slowed down because I was having so much fun. I’m like, wait, I’m knocking off too many ballparks on each trip. So, uh, But there’s also the excitement, right? You’ve got, uh, you know, LA, I mean, Vegas soon. And then, uh, right, Tampa, they talked about in Kansas city, plus the expansion with possibly Nashville and Salt Lake city.

[00:23:28] And so there’s always the potential to kind of redo the, right. Just to check off the 30 again,

[00:23:35] Anna: Yeah, definitely. It definitely seems that way. I mean they did, you know, it seems like every couple of years there’s gonna be a new one either through expansion or just new ballparks or relocations. So there’s gonna be stuff to keep you busy but is there something that comes to mind if I ask you what your favorite baseball memory is and I might have already burned that question.

[00:23:57] I mean you’ve told a lot of good stories here

[00:24:00] Sandro: Right. So, I mean, to me, there’s answering that question with two hats, right. And the dad hat in me is more just. The time together where there was a long car rides. We would just talk about little things. We would play, um, we’d play like the baseball game, the car where, uh, so he would say a player’s name and then whatever the first letter of the last guy’s name was, I have to come up with the, with the belt, you know, we’d go back and forth and he’d always crush me with that.

[00:24:32] And he had his little tricks with, you know, so little things like that, or even You know, at a young age, we’d come back from the ballparks and, and, uh, we’re in our hotel room and he’s in his pajamas and we’ve got baseball tonight on and he’s just like watching it and practicing his swing, you know, you have a little, little Louisville bat that we got at the stadium and he’d just sit there, practice with his swing.

[00:24:56] And for me, it’s like a lot of those little moments. and then it’s just, we’ve just seen so many, so many tremendous games along the way. I think we’ve seen about 15 walk offs. We’ve seen, uh, eight Yankee playoff games. Uh, we went to feel the dreams. Uh, and again, you mentioned that while the Yankees lost, just being there and just seeing Kevin Costner and, and, and, uh, you know, watching another walk off win after the Yankees came back.

[00:25:23] There’s just, uh, there’s just so many memories on the field. And just as many off the field with the travels, we’ve gone, you know, just, you know, driving up and pulling up and seeing the arch in St. Louis or driving past and seeing, uh, you know, Golden Gate Bridge. It’s just, you know, our country is just so beautiful and having the opportunity to witness so many different cities and meeting the people and, You know, we, we’ve, you know, we’ve gotten a Fenway twice and sat on the green mosque monster and which is like surreal up there and it’s just, it’s just, we, we’ve just had so many memories on and off the field.

[00:26:02] It’s, that’s, uh, you know, to pick one wouldn’t be fair.

[00:26:06] Anna: Yeah, I know. You know, I think about that often. And you know, the final question I ask you to wrap up the show is kind of the same way where I’m, I’m really kind of asking a lot from folks to just whittle it down to, to a thing or two because, there are just so many great moments, but you know, that was the way I started with episode one and here we are like nearly 150 later.

[00:26:26] So I feel like it’s too late to kind of pivot that somewhere else. But, um, That’s, that’s fun. So what’s the number one thing at the top of the bucket list then? What’s the last thing that’s up there?

[00:26:41] Sandro: So, you know, Kori’s at the age now he’s 18 and we don’t get to too many games together outside of the, um, All-Star Game. And we’ve gone to five opening days with the Yankees. And with him being on the baseball team now, it’s hard to get there. know, he’s at the age now where, and he should, you know, he goes, he goes to the games with his friends and, and, and that’s what he really enjoys.

[00:27:04] And that’s, and he should be doing that. So for, to me, like. In all honesty, what’s on my bucket list now is the next game with my son. , That to me is like the most important thing. I mean, wherever that is, whether it’s at our home ballpark at Yankee Stadium, or just being on the road somewhere by chance and catching a game.

[00:27:25] Um, I know it’s kind of like not the answer. Maybe, um, you know, you’re looking for the audience, but to me it’s just like, it’s that next game with him. It really is.

[00:27:35] Anna: I love it. I think that’s a great answer. I mean, I think that that’s, uh, again, it’s, uh, it’s really refreshing to hear that you and Kori both are kind of on the same page about what, what baseball means to you guys. And, um, so fully acceptable answer. I think it’s great. I love it. where do people go if they want to kind of follow along with you online?

[00:27:57] Should we send them to socials or anything like that?

[00:28:00] Sandro: Yeah, I mean, I don’t I don’t I’m on facebook and twitter. I don’t uh, I don’t post a lot on either my my twitter account Well the x whatever you want to call it. It’s more Like, I follow a lot of, uh, leadership, culture guys, uh, so I don’t post a whole lot there. My Facebook is, um, which is a public page, uh, intentionally to, as a teacher, I just kind of want people to see, like, listen, own your brand, right?

[00:28:25] Because your social media is a brand. It says something about you. And I purposely have it public so that if anybody ever wants to see that, they can go on and see that I’m not out there acting like a lunatic. You know, drinking lots or whatever it is. So my, my social media is, is, is very public. So they could see, you know, I have a lot posted there from the summers and all the games, so they could see a lot of the journeys there, uh, as well.

[00:28:51] Anna: Awesome. That’s really great. Sandro, I can’t tell you how much this. I’ve really enjoyed this. I really appreciate your time and it’s just a really incredible story. I can’t Can’t wait to follow along and see see you guys if you make it out here to Arlington let me know because you know, I’m I’m 45 minutes from Arlington and we’re trying to kind of put something together for Site members and podcast guests and things like that.

[00:29:17] So so keep me posted

[00:29:19] Sandro: No, definitely. And, and, and, and I think what you’re doing is just tremendous. Uh, I love what you’re doing. I love the energy that you have in your vibe. Uh, and I do hope that we get to meet up in person, you know, myself and Kori and you and, uh, and just kind of get to see each other in person. I think that’d be pretty, um, pretty cool.

[00:29:39] Anna: Yeah, definitely. 


[00:29:40] Anna: And that will wrap up this episode of the baseball bucket list podcast special, thanks to Sandro Prosperino for joining us today and sharing those stories and memories. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, if you think you might like to be a guest on the show, head to baseball bucket list.com/podcast and fill out an application. I’d absolutely love to hear from you. 

[00:29:57] While you’re there. Make sure to spend some time on the site, sign up for a free membership, build your own baseball bucket list and track your ballpark visits. If you find yourself enjoying the show each week, please take a moment to rate and review it in the podcast app of your choice. I would really appreciate it. It goes such a very long way. 

[00:30:13] That’s it for this week. Thanks so much for listening. We’ll see you next episode. 

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