Episode 133 —Jorge Diaz: A Unique Way of Tracking Parks, Practicing with the Pros as a Kid, & Answering an Age-Old Question About Athletes’ Finances

Jorge Diaz is a Mets fan currently living in Tampa, Florida. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, he grew up watching many Major League players train back home in the offseason, even sometimes at his very own little league practices! Jorge also owns and opperates a financial advisory firm that represents pro athletes, including several MLB players. We discuss the age-old question of how so many athletes end up broke. There’s more to it than you think. 

Jorge plans to complete his ballpark journey in San Francisco this summer with an extra cool experience planned. We also touch on how he tracks his ballpark visits, what he hopes to get a chance to do, and how spending money doesn’t always mean a team has a sure shot at a winning season. 

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Jorge’s baseball display showing off baseballs collected from each ballpark visited. He plans to finish his ballpark chase in San Fransisco this summer.

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