Episode 127 — Brad Balukjian: Junk Wax Packs, 30 Year Old Gum, & Viewing America Through a Windshield

Brad Balukjian is a life-long Phillies fan and the author of the LA Times Best Seller The Wax Pack.

The premise behind the book is simple. Brad took a pack of Topps baseball cards from 1986 (the first year he remembered collecting cards as a kid), and set out on an epic adventure to find and talk to all of the players included in the pack. As Brad attempts to get to know the actual people behind the ballplayers the book dives deep into a difficult-to-answer question: is there life after baseball?

Brad and Anna discuss how he came up with the idea for The Wax Pack, some of his favorite memories from his more than 11,000 mile cross-country road trip, and about his upcoming book The Six Pack.

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