Completed: take BP at a pro ball park

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  1. It was at Black Bears’ park in Morgantown WV. They let season ticket holders take BP after the season ended for the first few seasons of existence. That was a great team (before MLB gutted them and the minors). It was such a family atmosphere and you could find the execs hanging out at the games. After half a season we were on a first name basis with them – and not because we actively sought them out, simply because they were so friendly.
    Actually, I remember commenting critically on social media about the new bag policy in the wake of one of our many mass shootings. About 45 mins after that, I received an unsolicited phone call from the GM who wanted to talk over the bag policy with me personally. I felt awful at that point, like I’d just insulted a favorite uncle at te the thanksgiving table. But that was how much that organization went out of their way to make you feel like you were part of the family.

    And, like I said, then the pandemic came and we lost a season. And then MLB came and took our Pirates affiliation away. Now it’s simply a rotating pickup game every summer. It’s all being controlled from far away and even management has rotated out 🙁

    Those were, by far, the best experiences I’ve ever had at a ballpark. It was idyllic. Fortunately, the college team plays there. Maybe when we get past the last wave, we’ll get tickets again, only for WVU.