Completed: Throw First Pitch Out at MLB Game

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8/26/2021.  Baltimore Orioles against LA Angels    Ohtani 42th HR

8/27/2021.  Cleveland Indians

9/10/2021.  Houston Astros against LA Angels    Ohtani 44th HR, Travis Scott

9/12/2021.  LA Dodgers against San Diego Padres.   Scherzer immaculate inning, 3000 strikeout, no hitter into the 8th, San Diego guy sets season record for HBP with three HBP in game

9/26/2021. St Louis Cardinals


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  1. MLB Extra Rewards points. I saved them up to throw first pitch at world series and got concerned that fans wouldn’t be allowed onto field so I booked all the first pitches I could find and gave others to my wife and five friends of mine.