Incomplete: Visit all 30 MLB ballparks

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I’ve been to 21 so far. The rules apply to the park the team is currently playing at. If a team moves or a new park is built those will be circled back to after 30 have been completed.

For example….I have been to the Twins, Marlins, Braves, and Rangers ball parks but have all since moved to new stadiums. These will be revisited after I visit each teams current park at the time of my visit.


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  1. As of 8/18/20 I have been to the following teams home ball parks in this order:

    01. Minnesota Twins (Metrodome)
    02. Kansas City Royals
    03. Chicago Cubs
    04. Pittsburgh Pirates
    05. Cleveland Indians
    06. Detroit Tigers
    07. Milwaukee Brewers
    08. Tampa Bay Rays
    09. Florida Marlins (Sun Life Stadium)
    10. Cincinnati Reds
    11. Philadelphia Phillies
    12. Atlanta Braves (Turner Field)
    13. Colorado Rockies
    14. Boston Red Sox
    15. Toronto Blue Jays
    16. Chicago White Sox
    17. Baltimore Orioles
    18. Washington Nationals
    19. Houston Astros
    20. Texas Rangers (Globe Life Park in Arlington)
    21. Arizona Diamondbacks

  2. Nice! I’ve been to 35 – including some of the olds like Yankee, Shea, Turner, Astrodome, etc. Thanks for joining the site. By the way, we’re working on the creation of a new tool that will allow you to list the ballparks you’ve been to in a separate location on your profile. This is a great solution in the meantime.

    1. Very cool! My wife and another close couple try to hit at least a ball park a year. Obviously things come up but it’s a great way to see the country and experience the eats, drinks, etc.

      The new feature to list the ball park visited would be awesome! With the way new parks pop up and who knows if teams will move or expansion….gets tricky trying to remember where I need to circle back too.

      I get a ball from each park and put the date on it. I have them displayed in a home plate shaped glass case 🙂