Completed: Get Hit in the Face With a Home Run

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O’Neil Cruz during batting practice


Unfortunately I have to update this again… Justin Turner during batting practice 🙁


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    1. I always get in to Fenway early to go and watch batting practice. I like to drag my friends along with me to games, and I always make sure to warn them not to be on their phones during batting practice. So, we’re out in the bleachers, and bp has been going on for a while now and I decide to check to see what time it is so that we can get food and get to our seats before the game starts. All is well, and as I’m putting my phone back in my pocket, BOOM! I got hit right in the cheek and the ball ricocheted off of my chest and onto the ground. I was in such shock that I didn’t even react- All of the players and people around me were stunned that I got hit and was just miraculously fine! I ended up with the ball and an ENORMOUS bruise that lasted for a few weeks. If this ever happens again, I will be throwing myself onto the floor and asking for a team signed bat 😭😭