Completed: Watch a Vintage Baseball Game

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While reading “100 Miles of Baseball:  Fifty Games, One Summer” the authors write about attending a “vintage” baseball game (2 actually). That sounded very interesting so I’m adding it to my bucket list. Upon some brief online searching, I found SoCal Vintage Base Ball…so if all goes well, this bucket item will be completed soon.  Wish me luck!




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    1. In to the book I referenced, the authors went to the Walker Tavern Historic Site just outside Brooklyn, MI in July 2018 “to see baseball as it might have been played in the nineteenth century. Part historical re-enactment, part athletic contest” using “rules from the 1860’s, with players and umpire in period costume.”
      My internet search led me to Southern California Vintage Base Ball (the interwebs knowing where I am) at The 8 team league uses Spalding’s BaseBall Guide of 1886. Vintage uniforms and equipment such as bats and gloves are required.
      I’m hopeful to report back after next Saturday 9/9 if all goes as planned…