Completed: Go to Every Game of a 3-game Series

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This is something I’ve only done when we lived in Colorado. We never missed any games when the Cubs were in Denver to play the Rockies EXCEPT 1 time, and we still saw 2 of 3. The only reason we did is because the Blackhawks were in town to play the Avalanche that same weekend, and the games both started at the same time. Had the baseball game been a day game, we would have gone to both. Since we were already bookending the weekend with Cubs-Rockies games, we attended the Blackhawks game in the middle. But of the 4 years we were in Denver, we saw 11 of 12 Cubs-Rockies games including all 3 of the series 3 separate times, and that included 1 double-header from a night-before-postponement. (That double-header day was a ton of fun too; got to hang out on Blake street between games grabbin a bite to eat and drinking with other baseball fans.) I’ve yet to go to all 3 games in a series at Wrigley Field though. I’m sure it will eventually happen; I’ve certainly been to plenty of back-to-back games.


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