Completed: Own A Baseball Team

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Every time the lottery gets to be huge I tell everyone that with my fortunes I will build a stadium and own a baseball team. During COVID I discovered that the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers had a group/community ownership program with actual benefits including an owners’ picnic and pictures on the field. So I sent in money for both Jennifer and I so that we became owners of the Timber Rattlers for a season and they sent us ownership certificates which are proudly displayed in our living room.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, the team was sold and the community ownership program ended so we only got to be owners for a single season and there was no group photo on the field. To their credit, the new owners of the Timber Rattlers gave us membership in their new T-Rats Ten club which included free tickets the first season of their ownership and the picnic. While we didn’t get a picture on the field (if we would remember our gloves they have catch on the field every Sunday and we could take one of our own) we did turn it into a full weekend of baseball, giveaways and community fun. 


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