Incomplete: Live Across From A Ballpark

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We love baseball and over time this Bucket List item has evolved and grown and honestly, in ANY form, it would be great. 

First when we went to Beloit we talked about how cool it would be to own one of the houses across the street from (then Pohlman) the field. You could walk to every/any game. One lady told us that they have ‘guaranteed giveaways’ (OMG we love giveaways and THAT sounds amazing) so we could get all of our bobbleheads, etc even if we were on the road visiting other stadiums. Just like that the dream was launched.

We headed to a game in Cincinnati and we noticed that since we had been there (we actually went opening season to the Great American Ballpark) they built condos/apartments across the street.  While inside the game we struck up a conversation with one of the workers and he mentioned that one of the ushers actually lives in them. They were nice but “so expensive”. The funny thing was they were cheap compared to what things cost in Chicagoland. In addition, if you’ve ever been to the Great American Ballpark, you know that it sits on the river front and that the Bengals stadium is just a short walk away (did we mention an aquarium on the other side of the river and great pizza as well?!). So much to do and all in walking distance. Now the dream expanded to the MLB and an amazing location.

Fast forward to 2021. We take our annual trip to Cincinnati and then head up to Dayton to catch our first ever Dragons game. They have an apartment/condo building built across the street from the outfield that looks directly into the field! The units even have balconies. We saw a couple of families sitting out on their balcony, grilling and watching the Dragons’ game without ever leaving their house. Wow! Just wow! It’s the new top Bucket List Goal. You can walk across the street and go into a game whenever you want (bobblehead days!). You can stay home and still watch live baseball in your ‘backyard’.

So how can it possibly get any better? I can only dream of a single way and that is a house that overlooks the ballpark.  Why is that better? Dogs. We have a dog (Powder, an all-white husky that is 14 this year and simply amazing) and dogs are simply wonderful. They are giant babies that don’t ever talk, get everything dirty and always want something but are also a big ball of love. They don’t know anything else but loving you. So the ultimate goal is to have a house so that we can let the dog have a yard to play in while still overlooking a baseball field. Well that sounds like heaven and since I am a solid decade from retirement, we still have time to find it. Somewhere.


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