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September 9, 2017 – My wife, Jennifer, and I attend a lot of local games and on the pro level it is very easy to get tickets to the White Sox (and parking is great compared to the nightmare on the north side). That weekend was interleague play with the San Francisco Giants in town. We are both fans of Buster Posey and thought this would be a great game to attend. Realistic goal was a nice night for Posey and a White Sox win and we went 2-for-2. However, the most amazing part of the night was the incredible hitting for the White Sox. When the 8th inning came around, both Jose Abreu and Tim Anderson could hit for the cycle THAT INNING. Jose needed the triple and Tim needed a double. For those of you that know the Sox, you know Jose has no speed and we really didn’t think he had a chance but if he hit it at all we wanted him to keep running. Down 0-2 he hit the ball to right-center and just kept running until he was safe at 3rd. The cycle was complete! The White Sox scoreboard operator seemed in shock because they didn’t post anything on the board for a while and nothing that stayed up for any length of time (so I have no photo of it). What an amazing night and definitely memories that we won’t forget.

Tim ended up striking out and not completing the cycle. Also, Yolmer Sanchez had a chance at the cycle as well but never got another at-bat to try for his double (the last hit he needed).

Side note: It is the one time we went to our local team game and wore an opposing jersey. It was a cold night and Jennifer wore her Buster Posey jersey under several layers due to the cold weather. To this day I still remind her of it and say that was the whole reason we got to see history and if she wants to see something that wild again we should be wearing opponent jerseys in our home park (if you’re the superstitious kind of person you understand!).


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