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Citi Field

41 Seaver Way, Queens, NY 11368

Quick Facts About Citi Field

Year Opened




Home Club

New York Mets (1962)

Team Colors

Blue, Orange, White

Upcoming Homestands at Citi Field

September 2022

Thursday September 1
  • All Day LAD @ NYM
Friday September 2
  • All Day WSH @ NYM
Saturday September 3
  • All Day WSH @ NYM
Sunday September 4
  • All Day WSH @ NYM
Monday September 5
Tuesday September 6
Wednesday September 7
Thursday September 8
Friday September 9
Saturday September 10
Sunday September 11
Monday September 12
  • All Day CHC @ NYM
Tuesday September 13
  • All Day CHC @ NYM
Wednesday September 14
  • All Day CHC @ NYM
Thursday September 15
  • All Day PIT @ NYM
Friday September 16
  • All Day PIT @ NYM
Saturday September 17
  • All Day PIT @ NYM
Sunday September 18
  • All Day PIT @ NYM
Monday September 19
Tuesday September 20
Wednesday September 21
Thursday September 22
Friday September 23
Saturday September 24
Sunday September 25
Monday September 26
Tuesday September 27
  • All Day MIA @ NYM
Wednesday September 28
  • All Day MIA @ NYM
Thursday September 29
Friday September 30

No additional events this month.

October 2022

Saturday October 1
Sunday October 2
Monday October 3
Tuesday October 4
Wednesday October 5
Thursday October 6
Friday October 7
Saturday October 8
Sunday October 9
Monday October 10
Tuesday October 11
Wednesday October 12
Thursday October 13
Friday October 14
Saturday October 15
Sunday October 16
Monday October 17
Tuesday October 18
Wednesday October 19
Thursday October 20
Friday October 21
Saturday October 22
Sunday October 23
Monday October 24
Tuesday October 25
Wednesday October 26
Thursday October 27
Friday October 28
Saturday October 29
Sunday October 30
Monday October 31

No events.

November 2022

Tuesday November 1
Wednesday November 2
Thursday November 3
Friday November 4
Saturday November 5
Sunday November 6
Monday November 7
Tuesday November 8
Wednesday November 9
Thursday November 10
Friday November 11
Saturday November 12
Sunday November 13
Monday November 14
Tuesday November 15
Wednesday November 16
Thursday November 17
Friday November 18
Saturday November 19
Sunday November 20
Monday November 21
Tuesday November 22
Wednesday November 23
Thursday November 24
Friday November 25
Saturday November 26
Sunday November 27
Monday November 28
Tuesday November 29
Wednesday November 30

No events.

December 2022

Thursday December 1
Friday December 2
Saturday December 3
Sunday December 4
Monday December 5
Tuesday December 6
Wednesday December 7
Thursday December 8
Friday December 9
Saturday December 10
Sunday December 11
Monday December 12
Tuesday December 13
Wednesday December 14
Thursday December 15
Friday December 16
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Monday December 19
Tuesday December 20
Wednesday December 21
Thursday December 22
Friday December 23
Saturday December 24
Sunday December 25
Monday December 26
Tuesday December 27
Wednesday December 28
Thursday December 29
Friday December 30
Saturday December 31

No events.

January 2023

Sunday January 1
Monday January 2
Tuesday January 3
Wednesday January 4
Thursday January 5
Friday January 6
Saturday January 7
Sunday January 8
Monday January 9
Tuesday January 10
Wednesday January 11
Thursday January 12
Friday January 13
Saturday January 14
Sunday January 15
Monday January 16
Tuesday January 17
Wednesday January 18
Thursday January 19
Friday January 20
Saturday January 21
Sunday January 22
Monday January 23
Tuesday January 24
Wednesday January 25
Thursday January 26
Friday January 27
Saturday January 28
Sunday January 29
Monday January 30
Tuesday January 31

No events.

February 2023

Wednesday February 1
Thursday February 2
Friday February 3
Saturday February 4
Sunday February 5
Monday February 6
Tuesday February 7
Wednesday February 8
Thursday February 9
Friday February 10
Saturday February 11
Sunday February 12
Monday February 13
Tuesday February 14
Wednesday February 15
Thursday February 16
Friday February 17
Saturday February 18
Sunday February 19
Monday February 20
Tuesday February 21
Wednesday February 22
Thursday February 23
Friday February 24
Saturday February 25
Sunday February 26
Monday February 27
Tuesday February 28

No events.

March 2023

Wednesday March 1
Thursday March 2
Friday March 3
Saturday March 4
Sunday March 5
Monday March 6
Tuesday March 7
Wednesday March 8
Thursday March 9
Friday March 10
Saturday March 11
Sunday March 12
Monday March 13
Tuesday March 14
Wednesday March 15
Thursday March 16
Friday March 17
Saturday March 18
Sunday March 19
Monday March 20
Tuesday March 21
Wednesday March 22
Thursday March 23
Friday March 24
Saturday March 25
Sunday March 26
Monday March 27
Tuesday March 28
Wednesday March 29
Thursday March 30
Friday March 31

No events.

April 2023

Saturday April 1
Sunday April 2
Monday April 3
Tuesday April 4
Wednesday April 5
Thursday April 6
  • All Day MIA @ NYM
Friday April 7
Saturday April 8
  • All Day MIA @ NYM
Sunday April 9
  • All Day MIA @ NYM
Monday April 10
  • All Day SD @ NYM
Tuesday April 11
  • All Day SD @ NYM
Wednesday April 12
  • All Day SD @ NYM
Thursday April 13
Friday April 14
Saturday April 15
Sunday April 16
Monday April 17
Tuesday April 18
Wednesday April 19
Thursday April 20
Friday April 21
Saturday April 22
Sunday April 23
Monday April 24
Tuesday April 25
  • All Day WSH @ NYM
Wednesday April 26
  • All Day WSH @ NYM
Thursday April 27
  • All Day WSH @ NYM
Friday April 28
  • All Day ATL @ NYM
Saturday April 29
  • All Day ATL @ NYM
Sunday April 30
  • All Day ATL @ NYM

May 2023

Monday May 1
  • All Day ATL @ NYM
Tuesday May 2
Wednesday May 3
Thursday May 4
Friday May 5
  • All Day COL @ NYM
Saturday May 6
  • All Day COL @ NYM
Sunday May 7
  • All Day COL @ NYM
Monday May 8
Tuesday May 9
Wednesday May 10
Thursday May 11
Friday May 12
Saturday May 13
Sunday May 14
Monday May 15
Tuesday May 16
  • All Day TB @ NYM
Wednesday May 17
  • All Day TB @ NYM
Thursday May 18
  • All Day TB @ NYM
Friday May 19
  • All Day CLE @ NYM
Saturday May 20
  • All Day CLE @ NYM
Sunday May 21
  • All Day CLE @ NYM
Monday May 22
Tuesday May 23
Wednesday May 24
Thursday May 25
Friday May 26
Saturday May 27
Sunday May 28
Monday May 29
Tuesday May 30
  • All Day PHI @ NYM
Wednesday May 31
  • All Day PHI @ NYM

June 2023

Thursday June 1
  • All Day PHI @ NYM
Friday June 2
  • All Day TOR @ NYM
Saturday June 3
  • All Day TOR @ NYM
Sunday June 4
  • All Day TOR @ NYM
Monday June 5
Tuesday June 6
Wednesday June 7
Thursday June 8
Friday June 9
Saturday June 10
Sunday June 11
Monday June 12
Tuesday June 13
  • All Day NYY @ NYM
Wednesday June 14
  • All Day NYY @ NYM
Thursday June 15
Friday June 16
  • All Day STL @ NYM
Saturday June 17
  • All Day STL @ NYM
Sunday June 18
  • All Day STL @ NYM
Monday June 19
Tuesday June 20
Wednesday June 21
Thursday June 22
Friday June 23
Saturday June 24
Sunday June 25
Monday June 26
  • All Day MIL @ NYM
Tuesday June 27
  • All Day MIL @ NYM
Wednesday June 28
  • All Day MIL @ NYM
Thursday June 29
  • All Day MIL @ NYM
Friday June 30
  • All Day SF @ NYM

July 2023

Saturday July 1
  • All Day SF @ NYM
Sunday July 2
  • All Day SF @ NYM
Monday July 3
Tuesday July 4
Wednesday July 5
Thursday July 6
Friday July 7
Saturday July 8
Sunday July 9
Monday July 10
Tuesday July 11
Wednesday July 12
Thursday July 13
Friday July 14
  • All Day LAD @ NYM
Saturday July 15
  • All Day LAD @ NYM
Sunday July 16
  • All Day LAD @ NYM
Monday July 17
Tuesday July 18
  • All Day SF @ NYM
Wednesday July 19
  • All Day SF @ NYM
Thursday July 20
  • All Day SF @ NYM
Friday July 21
Saturday July 22
Sunday July 23
Monday July 24
Tuesday July 25
Wednesday July 26
Thursday July 27
  • All Day WSH @ NYM
Friday July 28
  • All Day WSH @ NYM
Saturday July 29
  • All Day WSH @ NYM
Sunday July 30
  • All Day WSH @ NYM
Monday July 31

August 2023

Tuesday August 1
Wednesday August 2
Thursday August 3
Friday August 4
Saturday August 5
Sunday August 6
Monday August 7
  • All Day CHC @ NYM
Tuesday August 8
  • All Day CHC @ NYM
Wednesday August 9
  • All Day CHC @ NYM
Thursday August 10
Friday August 11
  • All Day ATL @ NYM
Saturday August 12
  • All Day ATL @ NYM
Sunday August 13
  • All Day ATL @ NYM
Monday August 14
  • All Day PIT @ NYM
Tuesday August 15
  • All Day PIT @ NYM
Wednesday August 16
  • All Day PIT @ NYM
Thursday August 17
Friday August 18
Saturday August 19
Sunday August 20
Monday August 21
Tuesday August 22
Wednesday August 23
Thursday August 24
Friday August 25
  • All Day LAA @ NYM
Saturday August 26
  • All Day LAA @ NYM
Sunday August 27
  • All Day LAA @ NYM
Monday August 28
  • All Day TEX @ NYM
Tuesday August 29
  • All Day TEX @ NYM
Wednesday August 30
  • All Day TEX @ NYM
Thursday August 31

September 2023

Friday September 1
  • All Day SEA @ NYM
Saturday September 2
  • All Day SEA @ NYM
Sunday September 3
  • All Day SEA @ NYM
Monday September 4
Tuesday September 5
Wednesday September 6
Thursday September 7
Friday September 8
Saturday September 9
Sunday September 10
Monday September 11
  • All Day ARI @ NYM
Tuesday September 12
  • All Day ARI @ NYM
Wednesday September 13
  • All Day ARI @ NYM
Thursday September 14
  • All Day ARI @ NYM
Friday September 15
  • All Day CIN @ NYM
Saturday September 16
  • All Day CIN @ NYM
Sunday September 17
  • All Day CIN @ NYM
Monday September 18
Tuesday September 19
Wednesday September 20
Thursday September 21
Friday September 22
Saturday September 23
Sunday September 24
Monday September 25
Tuesday September 26
  • All Day MIA @ NYM
Wednesday September 27
  • All Day MIA @ NYM
Thursday September 28
  • All Day MIA @ NYM
Friday September 29
  • All Day PHI @ NYM
Saturday September 30
  • All Day PHI @ NYM

October 2023

Sunday October 1
  • All Day PHI @ NYM
Monday October 2
Tuesday October 3
Wednesday October 4
Thursday October 5
Friday October 6
Saturday October 7
Sunday October 8
Monday October 9
Tuesday October 10
Wednesday October 11
Thursday October 12
Friday October 13
Saturday October 14
Sunday October 15
Monday October 16
Tuesday October 17
Wednesday October 18
Thursday October 19
Friday October 20
Saturday October 21
Sunday October 22
Monday October 23
Tuesday October 24
Wednesday October 25
Thursday October 26
Friday October 27
Saturday October 28
Sunday October 29
Monday October 30
Tuesday October 31

November 2023

Wednesday November 1
Thursday November 2
Friday November 3
Saturday November 4
Sunday November 5
Monday November 6
Tuesday November 7
Wednesday November 8
Thursday November 9
Friday November 10
Saturday November 11
Sunday November 12
Monday November 13
Tuesday November 14
Wednesday November 15
Thursday November 16
Friday November 17
Saturday November 18
Sunday November 19
Monday November 20
Tuesday November 21
Wednesday November 22
Thursday November 23
Friday November 24
Saturday November 25
Sunday November 26
Monday November 27
Tuesday November 28
Wednesday November 29
Thursday November 30

No events.

Trying to visit multiple ballparks in one trip? Use our sortable home stand schedule to see when each team is playing at their home park.

Citi Field | Ballpark Info

Accommodations for Disabilities

Citi Field offers accommodations for wheelchair users, and also provides captioning, and audio and sensory resources. If we haven’t answered your question in this section, reach out to or call 718-565-4360.

Parking: Citi Field has more than 350 designated accessible spots. Look for lots A, B, F, or G.

Gates: Entry through the following gates will provide the easiest route to elevators — Hodges, Seaver, or Stengel VIP. You do not need a VIP ticket to enter through the Stengel gate. Just explain that you need to use the elevator and the crew will gladly let you through.

Elevators: You’ll find elevators in the following locations on the main floor:

  • Hodges Entrance
  • Service Tunnel near section 109
  • Bullpen Plaza
  • Service Tunnel next to the building command center
  • Stengle Entrance
  • Seaver Entrance
  • Jack Robinson Rotunda Ticket Office

Seating: You’ll find wheelchair accessible seating in every level of setting except for the 500 level, and it is nicely spread out to give you multiple options for field position.

Can you bring a bag into Citi Field?

Citi Field does not allow backpacks of any kind, regardless of size. You can bring any other kind of soft bag or cooler as long as it is under the MLB size restrictions of 16″ x 16″ x 8″. There is no bag storage inside the ballpark.

Batting Practice

You are allowed to watch and catch batting practice at Citi Field. The Jackie Robinson Rotunda and Hodges Entrance gates both open 2 hours before first pitch. The Rotunda gate is at home plate, and the Hodges gate is halfway down the first base line, between the rotunda and the right field gate.

If you get there right as the gates open, you may see the tail end of the Mets BP. Visitors batting practice starts an hour and a half prior to first pitch and will end about 55 minutes before first pitch.

Bring Your Own Food

Citi Field doesn’t have an official bring your own food policy. Their policy only states that you can bring in one sealed water bottle 20 ounces or less, and juice boxes for children. We’ve not had trouble taking food inside Citi as long as we play by the rules mandated at other parks — no glass, and everything is wrapped in baggies or original packaging. Just be aware that there is no policy stating you are allowed to bring food in.

Tip: Once you browse our section on ballpark food, you may not even want to consider bringing your own.

Guest Services

If you have any issues or questions while at the ballpark, please utilize Guest Services. Each MLB team has this department, and they are solely focused on making sure each fan has a safe and memorable time at the ballpark.

Once inside the park, you can call or text the fan assistance hotline at 646-438-5000. This number should primarily be used to alert the staff to safety issues like broken equipment or unruly fans.

If you have any questions about the ballpark while there, you can stop by any of the fan assistance stations in the following sections:

  • 142
  • 306
  • 412

Each of the locations listed above will have “First Mets Game” certificates.

What time do the gates open at Citi Field? 

As mentioned in the batting practice section, the Jackie Robinson Rotunda and Hodges gates will open 2 hours before first pitch. All other gates open 90 minutes before first pitch during the week, and 2 hours before weekend games.


The Mets offer giveaways and other promotions at certain games. Use this link to search for games featuring a promotion.

Free Shirt Friday: Mets fans can get a free shirt at every Friday home game. Make sure you get there early to guarantee you snag one.

Family Sundays: Family Sundays with the Mets take place during every Sunday home game. Kids 12 and under will get a promotional give away and can run the bases after the game. You’ll also find pregame activities on Mets Plaza. The festivities start 2 hours prior to first pitch.


You’ll find both men’s and women’s restrooms in the following locations:

Women’s: Sections 101, 104, 111, 114, 122, 130, 132, 309, 312, 326, 329, 334, 408, 409, 422, 429, 431, 513, 514.

Men’s: 103, 113, 121, 124, 131, 139, 309, 329, 334, 405, 420, 424, 430, 436, 511, 5116.

Family Restrooms: 111, 114, 121, 124, 130, 312, 326, 339, 409, 420, 430.

Can you tailgate at Citi Field?

You can’t tailgate in the following lots: A, B, G. Tailgating in other lots is allowed as long as you are not grilling or consuming alcohol. So basically as long as you are sitting quietly and having zero fun, you’ll be okay.

Do the Mets offer tours of Citi Field?

You can tour Citi Field on both game days and non-game days. Tours last approximately one hour and include stops at the clubhouse, field and dugout, control room, press box, suites, and the hall of fame & museum. Of course, some of these stops may be unavailable based on games. Complimentary parking in an official lot is included with a non-game day tour ticket. Parking is not included for game day tours. Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for kids. Book your tour here.

Citi Field | Must Do

Run the Bases of Old Shea Stadium

Shea Stadium was Citi Field’s predecessor and was located literally right next door. If you arrive early enough, you’ll find bronze plaques in parking lot B marking the bases of Shea Stadium. Lot B is located on the 3B side of the ballpark, just outside of the Stengel Entrance and Left Field gate.

Snap a Photo with the Home Run Apple Out Front, then Watch for the Home Run Apple Inside

When most people think of the New York Mets, they think of the Home Run Apple. Located in the outfield, it rises up whenever the Mets hit a home run. The original apple was moved from Shea Stadium to just outside of the main entrance at the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. Stop there for a quick photo.

Once inside the park, if a Mets player hits a home run, watch for the new Home Run Apple to rise up from the center field batters eye. The apple currently inside Citi Field is 4 times larger than the Shea Stadium version.

Visit the Jackie Robinson Memorial, then the Mets Hall of Fame & Museum

If you enter via the main gate, you’ll find a tribute to Jackie Robinson at the top of the rotunda. Robinson is honored across the MLB, but has a special place in the hearts of Dodgers and Mets fans. Robinson’s career began in Brooklyn before the Dodgers moved to LA, and the Mets do a great job of honoring him at Citi Field. Take the time to study Robinson’s nine values that he lived his life by: courage, determination, teamwork, persistence, integrity, citizenship, justice, commitment and excellence. These are etched around the rotunda.

Once you have enjoyed the Robinson tribute, head behind the escalators to the Mets Hall of Fame & Museum. It’s free to enter and contains much Mets memorabilia, including World Series trophies and rings. The Mets Hall of Fame includes plaques for each of the Hall of Fame members. You’ll have plenty of time to see the Hall of Fame & Museum since it’s open from when the gates open until after the ballgame.

See the Shea Scoreboard Skyline

One of the features of the old park was the famous neon New York skyline that sat atop the main scoreboard. The skyline was originally installed in the 1980s. Following the 2001 terror attacks, the neon was removed from the World Trade Center Towers in the outline, and a red white & blue ribbon was placed over top. When the original scoreboard was demolished, the skyline was moved to the area behind center field and can be found on top of the Shake Shack stand.

Did we forget something?

Baseball Bucket List relies on information from Bucketheads to keep our guides and resources up to date.

Citi Field | Transportation and Parking

Once you get into Queens and approach the ballpark, parking won’t be an issue. It can be difficult to get to Queens though, which is why we recommend taking public transportation to Citi Field. If you do decide to drive to Citi, be sure to leave yourself plenty of time. There’s nothing worse than sitting in traffic on the Grand Central Parkway while listening to first pitch on the radio.

Official Citi Field Parking Lots

There are 5 official parking lots at Citi Field. Parking for each of those lots is $25. If you don’t have a VIP ticket or pre-purchased parking pass, you can only park in Lot A (though the number of general spots is quite small) and Lot E.

There are also 5 remote lots near Citi Field that accommodate game day parking. These require a bit of a walk or a shuttle, but still cost the same amount as the general lots near the park. If you can’t find a spot in Lot A or E, we recommend looking for off-site, non-official parking to save a few bucks.

Off-Site / Free Parking Options Near Citi Field

You can find street parking in the neighborhoods surrounding the ballpark. If you get there early, you might luck out and find free street parking a block or so away from the park. Many places around the ballpark will rent out their spots to third party spot finding services like:

You can also park in Skyview Center’s garage, which is a nearby mall. Parking is substantially cheaper there, less than $5, and it’s a short half mile walk to the ballpark. If you are attending a night game and it runs long, be aware that the garage may close at a certain time. Look for signage as you are parking.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is the way to get to the ballpark. You’ll want to take the 7 train of the New York subway system, which you can pick up from Times Square, 5th Ave, and Grand Central Station, or transfer to from another line. Get off at the Mets/Willets Point Station and follow the Blue and Orange.

Uber & Lyft

The rideshare lot for Citi Field is just outside of the bullpen gate on Seaver Way. You’ll find Uber signage throughout the park since they are the official rideshare company of the Mets, but Lyfts and taxis can also access that pickup and dropoff location. You might actually be better off calling a Lyft since everyone else will have been staring at Uber signage all day.

If you’re new to Uber, you can use this link to get a discount on your first few rides.

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Citi Field | Best Seats

Best Seats for Mets History

Citi has seen its fair share of historical moments since opening in 2009. Mariano Rivera recorded his 500th save there (2009), Johan Santana threw the first no-hitter in Mets history (2012), Garry Sheffiled hit his historic 500th home run to section 132 in left field (2009), and Pete Alonso broke the record for most single season home runs by a rookie (2019).

There are no specifically marked or known seats for those historic events. If you want to revisit history from a seat, we recommend buying tickets to the Subway Series, the interleague play between the Yankees and Mets that happens each year. Called the Subway Series because you can get to each ballpark from the subway, this New York tradition began with the Yankees and Giants in the early 1920s, and continues today with the Yankees and Mets.

Best Seats for Game Views

If you have no problem shelling out $100+ for each ticket, the 300 level is great for game views, especially down the 1B and 3B lines. The seats in the 400 Promenade Club sections (406 – 423) are probably the best value in terms of view vs price. Just make sure to sit a few rows back to avoid hand rails. Depending on how the season is going and who they are playing, you may be able to score lower level seats for less money shortly before a game. Use a service like Seatgeek or Stubhub to scope those out.

Where Not to Sit

If your seats are not on the 500 level, you won’t have much to worry about. Citi Field like many other parks, has plexiglass along the railing of the stairs that take you from the 400 level to the 500 level. There are silver hand railings that run alongside the glass, blocking your view. On top of that, in the first row, you still have the traditional metal railing, so you can end up with a triple obstructed view. Sit a few rows back in the 500 level.

If you sit further back in the 500 sections, you also have the chance of being obstructed by the overhang above. And if you sit further down the line, you’ll lose some view of the outfield corner you’re sitting in.

If on the 500 level, aim for the true middle of any section to avoid most of these problems.

Best Seats for Shade

Day games at Citi Field usually start at 1:10pm, which means the sun will be present for all of the game. Your best bet for shade is the 3B side, specifically the 300 level, which is also protected by an overhang. The last 10 or so rows of any level are usually in the shade thanks to the overhang. Avoid the 1B side and outfield if you can help it.

Best Seats for Foul Balls

Looking to catch a foul ball at Citi Field? According to, your best chances are in 121 – 124 on the 3B side, and 111-114 on the 1B side.

Citi Field |Ballpark Food

Citi Field is arguably one of the best ballparks for food. Even if you normally eat before the ballpark, you may want to switch it up for this one. There are many options, and most of them are favorably reviewed. The below are just a few of the many options. They also offer 62 beers and 32 wines. If you’re like us, you’ll need to come back for several games just to feel like you’ve scratched the surface of what this place has to offer. For the full offering, take a look here.

The Must Have: The Pastrami Sandwich

The classic New York deli sandwich. Pastrami + rye bread + mustard. Pickle on the side. What more do you need? Sections 126, 318, and 415.

Something Special: The Pizza Cupcake

What is it? Kind of like a pizza slider. The Pizza Cupcake is something you won’t find at any other park. It’s also not huge, so you’ll still have room for more of Citi Field’s offerings. Find it at the Jim Beam Highball Club on the 400 Promenade level.

Something Sweet: Tipsy Scoop

The Mets were planning to proudly debut their new vendor of liquor infused ice cream in 2020. We all know how that went. But it sounds amazing. Flavors include Vanilla Bean Bourbon Ice Cream, Strawberry White Sangria, and Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel Ice Cream.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options at Citi Field

Citi Field has an entire food stand dedicated to vegans — Marty’s V Burger in section 105. It includes multiple Beyond burger and sausage options along with a soy peppersteak. This will be your best option if you are very strict, as everything here will be vegan. The soft pretzels (scattered throughout the main concourse) are vegan. Vegan hot dogs are available in sections 137, 321, and 423. Daruma of Tokyo offers a vegetable roll at the Worlds Fare Market.

Did we forget something?

Baseball Bucket List relies on information from Bucketheads to keep our guides and resources up to date.

Citi Field | Surrounding Area

McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon

A great sports bar attached to Citi field with a lively atmosphere before and after the game.

Lucia Pizza

No-frills classic slices of pie, and a darn good ones at that

Haidilao Hotpot

Think fondue, but with soup. Great for early in the season when it’s cold.

Empanadas Cafe

Best empanadas, hands down.

Bars and Restaurants

We believe that in order to fully experience a ballpark, you should spend some time in the nearby area. We’re also big believers that pre and post game rushes are awful. We suggest you spend some time at these local establishments instead of sitting in traffic or rushing to the train.

McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon | 36-2 126th St, Queens, NY 11368 | Website | Menu | Click to Call
McFadden’s is actually attached to Citi Field, just steps from the third base entrance. It’s only open during baseball season and only when the Mets are playing at home. Doors open 3 hours prior to first pitch. This place actually has really good food for a sports bar (we like the bavarian pretzel sticks and their sliders) and a lively atmosphere before and after the game.

Lucia Pizza | 136-55B, Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11354 | Website | Menu | Click to Call
At Lucia’s you’ll find a no-frills classic slice of pie, and a darn good one at that. Many locals claim this is one of the best pizza spots in Queens. They offer calzones, heros and pasta as well, but if you’re craving authentic NY-style pizza, this is the place. And it’s only about a 7 minute train ride from the ballpark.

Haidilao Hotpot | 138-23 39th Ave, Queens, NY 11354 | Website | Menu | Click to Call
If you’re feeling adventurous and want a dining experience you won’t soon forget, you have to try Haidilao. Hotpot is a method of cooking in which the entire table gets a communal bowl of simmering hot broth and an assortment of fresh ingredients to dunk or cook in the broth like thinly-sliced meat, vegetables, dumplings, shrimp and noodles. Think fondue but with soup. It’s delicious, fun and perfect for those early baseball season chilly days.

Empanadas Cafe | 5627 Van Doren St, Queens, NY 11368 | Website | Menu | Click to Call
You can’t really visit Queens without having empanadas and this place has the best empanadas, hands down. A large variety of fillings, always fresh, always delicious.

Local Attractions

If you’re traveling with a family or just trying to make the most out of your trip to New York, here are some recommended nearby attractions. Keep in mind that New York boasts one of the greatest cities in the world, and warrants your own exploration! Here are just a few ideas to get your wheels turning.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park | Website
Take the Flushing Meadows Pedestrian Bridge located right outside Citi Field (in the Mets Plaza by the Home Run Apple) over to this expansive, beautiful park. It’s way more than just a park though…you’ll find the Queens Zoo, Fantasy Forest Amusement Park, Arthur Ashe Stadium, the New York Hall of Science, a skate park, bike and boat rentals, historic monuments, a meditation garden, mini-golf courses, a drive-in movie theater, cafés, and that’s not even everything! Safe to say you can spend a whole day in this enormous outdoor green space and then easily walk over to catch the Mets game.

Queens Night Market | Website
Trust us, you won’t want to miss the Queens Night Market if you are in town. It’s a seasonal, large, family-friendly open-air night market in Queens (at the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows Corona Park) featuring tons of independent vendors selling merchandise, art, and food from all over the world. They also have nightly culturally-traditional musical and dance performances. It’s a really cool experience and very authentic to Queens and its diverse communities.

Coney Island | Website
If you’re going to be in New York for a few days Coney Island is a great little day trip, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Ride some rides, walk along the famous boardwalk, visit the New York Aquarium, cool off in the ocean. You could even catch a Brooklyn Cyclones game at MCU Park, just off the Coney Island boardwalk. The views are awesome!

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