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Baseball Info

Favorite Team

Boston Red Sox

Favorite Ballpark(s)

Camden Yards, Dunkin' Donuts Park

Best Baseball Memory

In 2011, my parents took me and my sister on a baseball road trip as a 16th birthday gift to me. We got to visit 3 ballparks in 4 days. On day 1, we got to see my guys, the Boston Red Sox take on the Phillies in Citizen’s Bank Park. The Red Sox lost that day, but during BP, my favorite Red Sox player of all time, Jon Lester, saw me in a Red Sox jersey in a sea of Phillies fans and threw me a baseball that he was playing catch with. The next day, we drove to Baltimore to see the Orioles play the Cardinals. before the game, my dad and I took a trip to visit the Babe Ruth house which was really cool. Camden became my favorite ballpark at first sight. I hope to visit it again one day. My favorite non- Red Sox player ever at that point was Vlad Guerrero. 2011 ended up being his last season as a professional baseball player, so it was cool to get to see him play in person for the first and last time in my life. After Baltimore, we went to Washington DC. The first day we were there, we toured the city and saw the sights. On day 2, we saw the Pirates take on the Nationals. I got the chance to meet Andrew McCutchen before the game and he autographed a baseball for me. 3 parks in 4 days was tiring, but the memories I have from that trip will stay with me forever. One day, i hope to get to take my future kids on a similar road trip while we get to explore new parks together.