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San Antonio, TX

Other Interests

BBQ and woodworking



Grew up in a small town in SW Arkansas. Started traveling to see ballparks in the summer after my 6th grade year. My Dad and I went on our first Jay Buckley Baseball Tour that summer and saw 10 MLB ballparks in the NE. From there, we went on to visit all MLB ballparks before I went to college. We continued our journey as clubs built new ballparks and ended in 2012 with the opening of Marlins Park. Dad passed in 2013, and I’ve continued to see any new MLB ballpark, visiting Braves and Rangers new ballparks. On my own, I’ve started a journey to see all MiLB ballparks and hope to complete that journey within the next two seasons.

Baseball Info

Favorite Team

Chicago White Sox

Favorite Ballpark(s)

MLB: Old Yankee Stadium – MiLB: Truist Field, Charlotte

Best Baseball Memory

Attending Game 1 of 1991 World Series, if i had to pick one, but going to 51 different MLB ballparks before my Dad passed is no doubt the best.