Incomplete: PA Announcer for a Summer Collegiate league or Minor League Baseball team

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I’ve been told my entire life: “you’ve got the perfect voice for radio” – “you should do commercials or announcements” – “you have such a clear and deep voice and sound like you’re on the radio”

Truth is, at one point I considered it. Back in 1987 – 89 when I attended SUNY Alfred, I was a DJ on the college radio station. I had a show called “Juniors Jukebox” – I played mostly classic Rock and Roll from the 50’s and 60’s – occasionally mixing in some groovy 70’s and Disco tunes. It came very naturally for me to speak into microphone, announce the song/artist, read requests, read the public announcements, and just have some fun over the air. I was good at it. So good in fact that I was awarded the “Outstanding DJ’ award for best show, content, and professionalism on the air – voted on by the committee that ran the station and fellow DJ’s. 

I had a chance to continue work in radio after graduation but it was in a small town, in the middle of nowhere, where I knew no one, and quite honestly, at age 20, didn’t know if this truly what I wanted to do. I had a job offer with a company in Rochester NY, where I’m from, so I played it safe and passed on the radio gig, and start my new life after college.

Rarely does a day go by that I don’t wonder where that opportunity could’ve taken me.

I love baseball, probably could be an OK color commentator, definitely not a play x play guy, but know for sure…I would make an OUTSTANDING PA Announcer. I can hear it: Now batting for the Rochester Red Wings, the 2nd baseman, BRAD TYLER.

Occasionally I see on Twitter, a Minor League team hosting an open tryout for this position. Most are too far away from where I live for me to make it. 

There’s a dozen or so Minor League and Summer Collegiate League teams within 2 hours of where I live. Retirement for me is on the horizon. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll get my shot with one of them. That is my #1 Baseball Bucket List


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