Completed: Fenway Park, Old Yankee Stadium, Comiskey Park, Comerica Park, Camden Yards, Old Veteran Stadium, Chase Field

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I live in Massachusetts and have visited Fenway dozens of times.  Maybe over a hundred.  Old Yankee Stadium visit was during the 2001 WS!  Comiskey Park was old and obsolete but cool in the 1980s when I visited.  Veteran Stadium was a one time visit to see Nolan Ryan pitch against Steve Carlton (very cool!). All MLB game visits are fun and unforgettable.  

Looking for a baseball fan interested in meeting at future games!  Love to show Fenway to those who have never been.  

I’m 65 and have ben a dedicated fan since 1967 – the Impossible Dream Year for the Red Sox.

My boyhood idol was Carl Yastrzemski.   


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