Incomplete: United States of Baseball

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My goal is to watch a baseball game in all 50 states, plus DC and Puerto Rico. I am currently at 27 of 52. 

  1. Alabama- Mobile Bay Bears
  2. Alaska- 
  3. Arizona- Arizona Diamondbacks
  4. Arkansas-
  5. California- Padres, Dodgers, Angels, Giants, and A’s
  6. Colorado- Colorado Rockies and Rocky Mountain Vibes
  7. Connecticut-
  8. Delaware-
  9. District of Columbia- Washington Nationals
  10. Florida- Tampa Bay Rays and Miami Marlins
  11. Georgia- Atlanta Braves, Rome Braves, and Gwinnett Strippers
  12. Hawaii-
  13. Idaho-
  14. Illinois- Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox
  15. Indiana- Fort Wayne TinCaps
  16. Iowa-
  17. Kansas- Wichita Wind Surge
  18. Kentucky- Louisville Bats, Florence Y’alls, and Lexington Legends
  19. Louisiana-
  20. Maine-
  21. Maryland- Baltimore Orioles
  22. Massachusetts- Boston Red Sox and Chatham Anglers
  23. Michigan- Detroit Tigers and Lansing Lugnuts
  24. Minnesota- Minnesota Twins
  25. Mississippi-
  26. Missouri- St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals
  27. Montana-
  28. Nebraska-
  29. Nevada-
  30. New Hampshire-
  31. New Jersey- Seton Hall University, Newark Bears, and New Jersey Jackals
  32. New Mexico- Albuquerque Isotopes
  33. New York- New York Yankees, New York Mets, Staten Island Yankees, and Tri-City ValleyCats
  34. North Carolina-
  35. North Dakota-
  36. Ohio- Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, Dayton Dragons, University of Cincinnati, and Cincinnati Steam
  37. Oklahoma-
  38. Oregon-
  39. Pennsylvania- Pittsburgh Pirates and Philadelphia Phillies
  40. Puerto Rico-
  41. Rhode Island-
  42. South Carolina- Greenville Braves
  43. South Dakota-
  44. Tennessee- Chattanooga Lookouts
  45. Texas- Houston Astros and Texas Rangers
  46. Utah-
  47. Vermont-
  48. Virginia- Norfolk Tides
  49. Washington- Seattle Mariners
  50. West Virginia-
  51. Wisconsin- Milwaukee Brewers
  52. Wyoming-


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