PNC Park | Pittsburgh Pirates

PNC Park

115 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Quick Facts About PNC Park

Year Opened




Home Club

Pittsburgh Pirates (1887)

Team Colors

Black, Gold, White

Upcoming Homestands at PNC Park

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April 2023

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Trying to visit multiple ballparks in one trip? Use our sortable home stand schedule to see when each team is playing at their home park.

PNC Park | Ballpark Info

Accommodations for Disabilities

PNC Park offers parking for guests with disabilities in all surrounding lots, available on a first-come-first-served basis.

For handicap accessible seats, please see PNC Park seating chart.
If your seats are on the upper levels, elevators are located near sections 101, 113, 117 and 125.
PNC Park tours are also accessible for all guests.
For any disability access information/questions, call 412-323-5000.


Each Guest is permitted to bring one bag into the ballpark. MLB and the Pirates recognize that bags, purses, fanny packs and backpacks 16″ X 16″ X 8″ or smaller are permitted and subject to search upon entry and within the ballpark. Soft-sided coolers and soft-sided briefcases are permitted. Hard-sided coolers and briefcases, ice packs and cooler inserts are NOT permitted.

Batting Practice

Enter through the Clemente Gate, which opens the earliest (two and a half hours prior to game time) and you’ll be a short walk to the center field bleachers. Note that batting practice is not always held before weekend day games, particularly late in the season.

Bring Your Own Food

Guests are permitted to bring bottled water and food that may fit into a 16″ X 16″ X 8″ soft-sided bag. Water bottles should not exceed 24 ounces in size, and must be clear, plastic, sealed and disposable. Children’s juice boxes and items necessary for medical purposes are permitted. Alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages, sports drinks, cans, glass bottles and thermoses (including but not limited to: YETI, and other types of metal insulated items) are not allowed.

Outside food and beverage is not permitted entry into the Hyundai Club, Suite Level or the Jim Beam Left Field Lounge & Jim Beam Porch areas.

Fan Services

For medical emergencies, difficulties in the park or other assistance, you can reach PNC Park security by texting SECURITY to 61592.

You can find Guest Services for assistance or information at:
-Guest Relations Office: at the bottom of Home Plate Rotunda
-Upper Kiosk: near Section 317 at the Home Plate Rotunda
-Information Kiosks: near Legacy Square Gate and Right Field Gate
-Main Concourse Kiosk: near Section 117


Gates open an hour and a half prior to game time and two hours on Opening Day. For games starting at 7:05 p.m. or later, the Clemente Gate opens two and a half hours prior to game time. For daytime starts earlier than 7:05 p.m., the Clemente Gate opens two hours prior to first pitch.


You can find restrooms in the following sections:
108/110, 115, 117/119, 127/129, 130, 142/143, 147, 301, 305/308, 311/312, 315/318, 321/322, 327/329, 333, Club World Series Suites, Club Area, 205 Pirates Cove

Family restrooms are found in sections:
109, 110, 115, 119, 132, 133, 147, 305, 315, 331, Club Locations


Tailgating is allowed and all North Shore parking lots and garages should open 4 hours prior to game time. Alcohol is permitted, glass containers and tents are not. They do allow cooking grills but not in any of the garages. Tailgating is to be contained to paid space only.


PNC Park offers both in-season and off-season tours, and will run you about $10 per adult and $8 for seniors and for children ages 6 to 14 (smaller kids are free). Tours begin at the Allegheny Health Network Gate and last about 60-90 minutes. As with most tours, it will be mostly walking, so remember to wear comfortable shoes. Learn more and schedule your tour here.

PNC Park | Must Do

Check out the Riverwalk

PNC Park is sitting right along the Allegheny River so don’t miss the ballpark’s right field outer promenade, known as the Riverwalk, where you can catch views of the water, famous bridges and downtown Pittsburgh. The terrace is also open to the general public on non-game days.

See the Legendary Statues

Statues honoring three of the most legendary Pirates players:

  • The statue of Willie “Pops” Stargell, which unfortunately was unveiled the same day he died, is located on Federal Street, outside of the left field entrance.
  • The Roberto Clemente statue stands between the Center Field entrance and the Clemente Bridge.
  • You can find the Honus Wagner statue in front of the home plate main gate.

Watch the Great Pierogi Race

Watch seven pierogi mascots duke it out for bragging rights at each home game. If the Nats or Brewers are visiting, you may be lucky enough to see their mascots join in on the race. Each year, the Pirates, Nats, and Brewers travel their mascots to each other’s parks to race for glory.

Did we forget something?

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PNC Park | Transportation and Parking

If you can walk to the park from your hotel, it is totally worth it. There is something special about crossing the bridge with dozens of other baseball fans and walking up on the ballpark, especially in nice weather. If you’d rather not walk, or you’re coming from out of town, you do have other options.

The Free Port Authority “T” provides easy access to the ballpark for fans coming from the South. You can park at any of the stations along the route and hop on all the way to the park. Plan your trip here.

Official PNC Park Lots

If you’re coming from the North, the North Shore official parking lots and garages are the easiest to access and exit from. Those lots are $15 each.

Off-Site / Free Parking Options

If you are headed in from any other direction, parking downtown across the river from the ballpark is your best option. Usually downtown parking is cheaper and you get the chance to walk across the Clemente bridge, which is closed off to vehicular traffic on game days. The Pirates strongly encourage all fans to download the “ParkPGH” app or visit to check for downtown parking space availability throughout the season.


The Pirates have teamed up with Waze, a community-based traffic and navigation app, to provide you with the most efficient routes to and from the game. Waze is the only GPS program that has PNC Park parking lots, event day traffic patterns, and street closures incorporated, providing fans with accurate directions to your specific lot with real-time traffic alerts. Download the free Waze app from Apple’s App store and Google Play.

Uber & Lyft

If you’d rather not drive, Uber and Lyft are great options for getting to and from PNC Park. There are two designated pick-up and drop-off locations on the North Shore. One is along Isabelle Street, east of the ballpark. The other is on Reedsdale. Follow signage to find your way.

If you’re new to Uber, you can use this link to get a discount on your first few rides.

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PNC Park | Best Seats

Best Seats for Views

One of the coolest things about PNC Park is its unforgettable views of Allegheny River, Roberto Clemente Bridge and downtown Pittsburgh. Our personal favorite spot is in the upper section behind home plate. You’ll be up high so the views are amazing (of the skyline and if you attend one of the post-game fireworks shows) and it’s a bit cheaper. Win-win.

Where Not To sit

There’s really not a horrible view of the field in the ballpark, but the first several seats (1-5) in the back rows of section 208 will have obstructed views of the skyline.

Check the View Before You Go

PNC Park has a 3d seating map you can view here.

PNC Park | Ballpark Food

The Must Have: Primanti Bros Sandwich

Primanti Bros. is a long-time running Pittsburgh chain known for their delicious sandwiches (stuffed with french fries and coleslaw on the inside!). This place is a classic that everyone should try at least once while visiting the City of Bridges. You can find them in section 110.

Something Special: The Pittsburgh Cone

The Pittsburgh Cone is a relatively new item that features Kielbasa sausage, pierogi, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing all stuffed into a waffle cone. A waffle cone! Mind. Blown. Served at Familee BBQ located behind section 132.

Sweet Treat: The Shipwreck Sundae

Craving something sweet? The Shipwreck Sundae has jumbo (and we mean jumbo) marshmallows that are coated with chocolate and a dusting of graham crackers along with ice cream in a souvenir helmet sundae bowl. Find it at the Sweet Spot, located behind section 107.

Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten-Free Options at PNC Park

Just4u, located in section 128/129, offers vegetarian and gluten-free options. PNC Park also offers a healthy and delicious Blueberry Quinoa Salad found at The Market, located behind section 118.

Did we forget something?

Baseball Bucket List relies on information from Bucketheads to keep our guides and resources up to date.

PNC Park | Surrounding Area

Mullen's Bar & Brill

The quintessential sports bar with a lively atmosphere.

Federal Galley

This is a fun, group-friendly modern food hall with a sprawling outdoor beer garden.


Kid-friendly burger joint.

Bars and Restaurants

We believe that in order to fully experience a ballpark, you should spend some time in the nearby area. We’re also big believers that pre and post game rushes are awful. We suggest you spend some time at these local establishments instead of sitting in traffic or rushing to the train.

Mullen’s Bar & Grill | 200 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 | Website | Menu | Click to Call
Mullen’s is the quintessential sports bar with a lively atmosphere, typical pub grub and cheap beer. You’ll find a huge crowd here on game days, usually boisterous and overflowing onto the sidewalk. Nothing fancy or spectacular, but a great little spot to come before or after a game.

Federal Galley | 200 Children’s Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 | Website | Menu | Click to Call
This is a fun, group-friendly modern food hall with a sprawling outdoor beer garden. Everyone will be able to find something to eat and drink at one (or all) of the 4 featured restaurants and the best part is it’s only about a 10 minute walk to PNC Park.

Burgatory | 342 N Shore Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 | Website | Menu | Click to Call
If you’re simply looking for a cold beer and a really good burger to fill up on before a game, look no further. Burgatory is just down the street from the ballpark and offers up a burger to suit any taste bud: try their Elk burger, Wagyu beef burger, Impossible burger or the Fiddy-Fiddy, made of half ground beef and half ground bacon, you pretty much can’t go wrong. This place is kid-friendly and usually hoppin’ on game day.

Local Attractions

If you’re traveling with a family or just trying to make the most out of your trip to Pittsburgh, here are some recommended nearby attractions.

The Clemente Museum | Website
Located in a cool old engine house, this museum features memorabilia and exhibits related to the great Roberto Clemente. A must-see for any baseball fan. Reservations are required so book a tour on their website or call 412-621-1268 to schedule one ahead of time.

World War ll Veterans Memorial and Vietnam Veterans’ Monument | Website

Duquesne Incline | Website
Ride in a century-old cable car up the incline where you’ll get amazing views of downtown Pittsburgh. FYI: Cash only and exact change is required (Port Authority bus passes and tickets are also accepted as payment) and there are no public restrooms available.

Point State Park | Website
A beautiful 36-acre park at the intersection of 3 rivers has boating, hiking, and biking. Within the park you can see Fort Pitt Museum, all that remains of a large British fort built in 1764, Fort Pitt Blockhouse which is an historic defensive building built in 1764, and now the oldest structure in western Pennsylvania and Fort Duquesne, the site of a 1754 French fort now marked by a granite outline in the grass. Also be sure to go see the State Park Fountain, with it’s 200-ft.-wide basin, infinity waterfall and places to sit and have a picnic.

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