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Globe Life Field

734 Stadium Dr, Arlington, TX 76011

Quick Facts About Globe Life Field

Year Opened




Home Club

Texas Rangers (1972)

Team Colors

Blue, Red, White

Upcoming Homestands at Globe Life Field

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Globe Life Field | Ballpark Info

Accommodations for Disabilities

Globe Life Field provides accommodations for guest with disabilities, and also provides assisted listening devices. If we haven’t answered your question below, please reach out to the Rangers at or 817-533-1717.

Parking: Most official Texas Rangers lots offer handicap parking spaces. They’re sold on a first come first serve basis. Handicap spots are available in the following lots: B, C, E, J, M, N, R, S, and V. Once you park, notify one of the parking lot staff members that you’d like a shuttle to the ballpark.

Gates: Gates open 90 minutes before game time for afternoon games, and two hours before night games. There are several elevators, so no need to worry about entering through the proper gate.

Elevators: There are several elevators throughout the park. You can find them in the following sections on the main concourse: 102, 104, 109, 114, 116, 124, 126, 129, 134.

Seating: This brand new park has wheelchair accessible seating available in each level, giving you plenty of opportunities to select your favorite game view.


Globe Life Field is another park that has completely disallowed backpacks. Drawstring backpacks are okay to bring in. You can also bring in any soft sided bags that are smaller than the MLB mandated 16″ x 16″ x 8″ size.
Coolers of any kind are not allowed inside, unless for medical reasons.

Batting Practice

 Gates open 2 hours before night games, and 90 minutes before day games. The quickest routes to the outfield are to enter through the North or Northeast gates.

Bring Your Own Food

Guests are welcome to bring their own food into Globe Life Field, provided it is contained within a sealed, clear quart-sized (or smaller) plastic bag. Additionally, a single, sealed, non-flavored water bottle (under 1 liter) is permitted per ticket. 

Championship Banners

On Opening Day of 2024, the Rangers dropped their 2023 World Series banner to the righ field side of the main scoreboard.

The other divisional banners are located above the brick arches of the left field concourse.

Guest Services

If you have any issues or questions while at the ballpark, please utilize Guest Services. Each MLB team has this department, and they are solely focused on making sure each fan has a safe and memorable time at the ballpark.

You can find the Guest Services desk on the main concourse near the TXU Energy North Entry. It is sort of tucked away in the corner, behind the Grab-n-Go concession stand.


All gates open at the same time. 90 minutes prior to day games, and 2 hours prior to night games.


The Rangers give away many promotional items throughout the year. To see if the game you’re attending includes one, visit this link.

Autograph Tuesday: On Tuesday home games, the Rangers will have two players signing autographs prior to the game (after batting practice). You’ll find signs at the gates showing who is signing and where they are. Get there early!

Friday & Saturday Alumni Autographs: Before each Friday and Saturday home game, former Rangers will sign autographs. Check signage on your way in!

Radio Broadcast

If you prefer to listen to the ballgame on the radio while watching, you can tune in at 105.3 FM for English or 1270 AM for the Spanish broadcast. The ballpark feed can also be found at 90.5 FM.


You’ll find restrooms throughout the park. Specifically in the following sections: 3, 10, 18, 24, 102, 111, 123, 127, 130, 133, 201, 206, 212, 225, 231, and 235.

Family restrooms can be found in the following sections: 3, 10, 18, 24, 102, 111, 123, 127, 130, 133, 201, 208, 214, 224, 231, and 235.

Retired Numbers

The Texas Rangers have retired 5 numbers, not including the league-wide #42 (retired by all 30 teams for Jackie Robinson). They are:

  • #7 — Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez
  • #10 — Michael Young
  • #26 — Johnny Oates
  • #29 — Adrian Beltre
  • #34 — Nolan Ryan

The numbers are displayed on the brick arches in the left field concourse.


This is Texas, so of course you’re encouraged to tailgate, as long as you play by the rules. You must stay in the grassy areas, and off of the sidewalks or walkways. You are allowed to use charcoal and gas grills, as long as you do not use an open flame grill, and properly dispose of your used charcoal in the designated containers. The Rangers do provide portapotties.

You can also tailgate after the game if you want to let traffic unwind a little. The lots close an hour after the game finishes though, so you’ll need to be cleaned up and cleared out before then.


The Texas Rangers offer tours of Globe Life Field that last approximately 60 minutes. Stops vary based on the day’s activities, but will include 4-6 “must see” locations. Tickets are $25 for adults, $22 for seniors, military, and first responders, and $15 for kinds under 14. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

As of 2024, the Rangers are offering a World Series tour, and a two-hour pregame tour with Executive Vice President of Public Affairs John Blake.

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Globe Life Field | Must Do

Enjoy the Juxtaposition of Globe Life Park (The Old Ballpark)

It’s rare that a ball club will build a brand new state of the art park and leave the old one standing. But that’s what happened in Texas, at least for now. Globe Life Park was the short lived home of the XFL’s Dallas Desperados (RIP), and is now home to the Level One USL team North Texas SC.

You won’t be able to miss the old park as you’re making your way towards the new one. Take a moment to take in the retro-inspired architecture of the exterior before you head towards the shiny new Globe Life Field.

Visit the Rangers Statues

Take a mini walking tour of the outside of the ballpark and view all of the Texas Rangers statues. If you start at the Southwest Entry, you’ll find Pudge Rodriguez guarding home plate. The best part about Pudge’s statue is that he originally commissioned it to decorate his house in Miami, then donated it to the Rangers. Next, start walking towards the Southeast Entry (you’ll know it because it houses the Rangers front office and will have plenty of signage). Outside of the SE entry, is the a statue of Tom Vandergriff, the former Arlington mayor who was instrumental in bringing the Washington Senators franchise to Texas. Continue walking in the same direction to find “Going to the Show”, which commemorates the 2011 moment when Pedro Feliz struck out Alex Rodriguez on a called strike three to send the Rangers to the World Series for the first time in franchise history. The statue features the celebration between Feliez and catcher Bengie Molina. Complete the tour at the North entrance with Nolan Ryan tipping his cap, then head over to Texas Live.

Grab a Beer & play some lawn games at the Karbach Sky Porch

Stop by the Karbach Sky Porch out in left field for some fantastic brews (our favorite is the Lovestreet Blonde). Make sure you say “hi” to Annie if she pours it for you! You can then head upstairs on top of the brewery for a game of cornhole and one of the best views in the park. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to snag one of the rocking chair tickets. They’re actual seats in sections 201-204!

Stop by Texas Live! and enjoy the North Plaza

Texas Live! is one of the coolest pregame spots in Major League Baseball. You’ll find stores, bars, and restaurants where you can spend hours leading up to game time. We recommend making a lap inside, then grabbing a beer at one of the outdoor bars, and enjoying the North Plaza. In the plaza, you’ll find video boards notifying you of anything special going on that day, as well as a 6′ fountain. This is where the action will be both before and after the game.

Check out Chuck Morgan’s Booth

Chuck Morgan is the beloved, long time “voice of the Rangers”. He’s called over 3,000 Texas Rangers home games over his 35+ year career behind the mic as the Rangers P.A. announcer. His booth at Globe Life Field (a major upgrade from Globe Life Park), is front and center in the main concourse, and is made almost entirely of glass. Check out his view from section 114. A fun fact about Chuck Morgan is that he actually has a movie credit on IMDB for his roll in “The Rookie”.

Pay Attention to the Dimensions of the Park, and the Rangers History that Goes Along with it

Something neat that the Rangers did when designing Globe Life Field was incorporate Rangers history into the dimensions of the field. Each portion of the field has a special meaning:

Home plate to the backstop: 42′ in honor of Jackie Robinson who wore number 42.
Left Field Line: 329′ in honor of third baseman Adrian Beltre who wore number 39.
Left Field Alley: 372′ honoring the Rangers’ first year in Arlington (1972).
Centerfield: 407′ in honor of catcher “Pudge” Rodriguez who wore number 7.
Deepest parts of the park: 410′ in honor of Michael Young, the infielder who wore number 10.
Right Field Alley: 374′ in honor of “The Turnaround Gang”, the 1974 team that won 84 games after winning just 57 the year before.
Right Field Line: 326′ in honor of the beloved manager Johnny Oates who wore number 26.

The giant TV wall at Texas Live!

Chuck Morgan’s P.A. booth in section 114

The outfield dimensions honoring Rangers’ history

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Globe Life Field | Transportation and Parking

Globe Life Field is located off of I-30, a major interstate in Texas. It is frequently under construction and congested since the DFW metroplex is quickly becoming one of the largest metros in the country. Especially during weekday evenings. For this reason, we recommend leaving yourself plenty of time to get there. You don’t want to end up sitting on the expressway, missing a part of the game. We also recommend getting to the park early because there is plenty to do before first pitch! Check out the surrounding area for ideas.

Official Globe Life Field Parking Lots

The Rangers have several official lots right next to Globe Life Field. Each lot at the ballpark has its own address, which has been entered into Google Maps. So if you’re on the way to the park and have already purchased a parking pass, just plug the lot name into your GPS.

The official Texas Rangers lots open 3 hours before first pitch. If you’re purchasing a pass at the gate, they’re credit card only and start at $20 for the lots that are a bit further away. You can also purchase parking ahead of time online here

All of the official parking lots at Globe Life Field are sponsored by Toyota, so will all be named after vehicles, and a letter. The letters of the lots will always remain the same, so it’s best to use those as your identification. General parking can be found in lots: D, E, H, J, L, M, N, R, and V.

Off-Site / Free Parking Options Near Globe Life Field

You’ll find several off-site and unofficial parking lots surrounding the ballpark. Our personal favorite has been a $10 lot East of the ballpark on E Randol Mill Rd. If you head in any direction down E Randol Mill Rd, you’ll find plenty of $10 and $15 options. Some even offer golf cart shuttles to the park.

Historically, before Texas Live! was built, you could grab some pre-game food and drinks at a several restaurants on N Collins St, which is a few streets from the ballpark, the snag a super cheap uber to the ballpark. 

Taking Public Transportation to Globe Life Field

The public transportation options for getting to Globe Life Field are pretty poor. You can take a city bus to Six Flags, but that will still leave you over a mile away from the ballpark. We rarely suggest this, but in Arlington, you should drive.

If you are visiting from out of town and are staying in Arlington, your hotel may run a free shuttle to the ballpark. You can also take the free Arlington Entertainment District shuttle if your hotel appears on this list.

Uber & Lyft

If you parked off site to save some money, or just didn’t want to deal with the stress of parking, there is a designated rideshare area. You’ll want to exit either the North Entry or East gates and walk east towards Stadium Drive. The ride share lot is on a street called Chapman Cuttoff. We’ve dropped a pin on google maps here

If you’re new to Uber, you can use this link to get a discount on your first few rides.

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Globe Life Field | Best Seats

Best Seats for History

On October 4, 2022, Aaron Judge made history by breaking the American League Single Season Home Run record when #62 landed in section 31, Row 1, Seat 3. The Rangers added a plaque to the location to commemorate the event, which you can see here on Reddit

So far, this is the only seat that has been historically marked.

Best Seats for Game Views

By now, we’ve sat just about everywhere in this park. The site lines from even the furthest seats at Globe Life Field are better than those at its predecessor, the Ballpark In Arlington (Globe Life Park). It has to do with the way the seating area was constructed, with the aim to get every section closer to the action. Most of the seats are awesome, with your best views coming from the 100 and 200 levels, but the 300 levels are not awful.

View from section 114

View from section 120

View from section 136

Where Not to Sit

You wouldn’t expect a brand new ballpark to have obstructed view seats for sale, but Globe Life Field does. In the Left Field Reserved section, you’ll find concrete columns blocking almost half the field of view from the ends of the back two rows. The overhang of the upper deck also significantly cuts the overhead view for that section. These sections can be tricky when you’re purchasing tickets. Row 14 is actually the last row in some of the sections. If you’re going to spend the money to sit here, make sure you end up in the first 7 or 8 rows, towards the aisles. The upper deck 100 sections in left and left center may be a better value for you.

And while sections 237-233 sound like the would be better seats than anything in the 300s, we actually find them further from the action and would recommend avoiding them if at all possible.

Obstructed seats in the Left Field Reserved sections

Obstruction from upper the upper deck in the Left Field Reserved section.

Best Seats for Shade

The biggest draw of Globe Life Field when they were building it was the AC. We’d assume that means that for the majority of the summer, the roof will be closed. This should help with some of the sun. However, on those beautiful early and late season day games, you may still be battling the sun. Shaded sections for day games are actually going to be in the Right Field corner. Specifically in sections 233 to 237 and 322 to 326. For night games in the summer, when the sun won’t set until around 9, you’ll want to choose the 3B line.

Globe Life Field | Ballpark Food

The Must Have: Brisket Mac & Cheese

This is Texas, y’all, so of course the brisket makes the list. Recommended by Chef Cris Vázquez himself, find your mac & cheese in sections 23, 123, and 230!

Something Special: The Ranger Tater

We’re suckers for baked potatoes at the ballpark, and the Ranger Tater is one of the best. Find it in sections 106 and 201 (Karbach Skyporch)

The Challenge: The Boomstick

The boomstick first made national headlines back in 2012, when the Texas Rangers were trying to shake up their food item offerings. That year alone, the item brought in over half a million dollars in revenue. Many years later, it’s still going strong. The boomstick is a 2-foot hot dog that you can slather in chili and cheese. For $28, it could feed a family for days, but if you’re up for the challenge, it’s all yours.

Something Sweet: A Golden Helment Sundae

Celebrate the Ranger’s World Series victory with a sweet treat and a golden souvineer. So far, we’ve only seen these helmets at one stand at the park, located in the right-center field walkway next to the kids zone!

Vegetarian and Vegan Options at Globe Life Field

You’ll probably be incredibly surprised to know that Globe Life Field, the same park that sells rattlesnake sausage and 2-foot hotdogs, is the #1 ranked ballpark for vegan and vegetarian fare. In 2016, the Rangers introduced a vegan-only food cart to the lower concourse of Globe Life Park. When the club moved across the street, that food stand became the “Visiting Vegan” in section 16 of the main concourse. You’ll find burgers, dogs, sausages, mac and cheese, and the best vegan nachos on the planet. Load them up, they’re worth every penny. The stand also offers lighter items like veggie wraps and salads.

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Globe Life Field | Surrounding Area

Texas Live!

Giant TVs, multiple restaurants, and shopping!

Babe’s Chicken Dinner House

Babe’s Chicken is definitely a staple around these parts.

Mariano's Hacienda

Some of the best Tex-Mex around, this place is responsible for inventing the frozen margarita!

Tailgate Tavern

Lively sports bar offering your typical bar food.

Bars and Restaurants

We believe that in order to fully experience a ballpark, you should spend some time in the nearby area. We’re also big believers that pre and post game rushes are awful. We suggest you spend some time at these local establishments instead of sitting in traffic or rushing to the train.

Texas Live! | 1650 E Randol Mill Rd, Arlington, TX 76011 | Website | Menu | Click to Call
You simply won’t be able to miss Texas Live! as you’re approaching the ballpark. Inside, you’ll find a two story wall of TVs, several restaurants and bars, and even some stores (including one of our favorites, Baseballism). You’ll also find a Texas-sized crowd, so get there early if you want to find a seat and make it to the game on time.

Babe’s Chicken Dinner House | 230 N Center St, Arlington, TX 76011| Website | Click to Call
Babe’s is the closest thing you’ll find to a home cooked meal, and a staple around these parts. You’ll feel like you’re in your grandma’s kitchen when you walk in, with food served family style and friendly service to match. Their menu is limited but trust us, every single thing is delicious. Texas country fried goodness.

Mariano’s Hacienda | 2614 Majesty Dr, Arlington, TX 76011 | Website | Menu | Click to Call
You can’t visit Texas without sitting down for some amazing Tex-Mex. This place is one of the best around, and the owner and operator, Mariano Martinez, actually invented the first frozen margarita machine (Thanks, Mariano!). The restaurant has gotten tons of publicity over the years and the City of Dallas even named their frozen margarita as the “Official Drink of Dallas”. It’s also only a 5 minute drive from Globe Life Field, making it the perfect place to grab dinner before a game.

Tailgate Tavern | 1015 Cedarland Blvd, Arlington, TX 76011 | Website | Click to Call
An easy walk from the ballpark, and directly across from AT&T Stadium, is this lively sports bar where you’ll be able to kill a couple hours while you wait for the game to start. They offer your typical bar food like wings, burgers and brats and are usually a little less crowded than Texas Live!.

Local Attractions

If you’re traveling with a family or just trying to make the most out of your trip to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, here are some recommended nearby attractions.

Six Flags over Texas | Website
Six Flags Over Texas was the first park in the Six Flags chain and gets its name from the six different nations that have governed Texas: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States of America and the Confederate States of America. This awesome 212 acre amusement park has recently started operating year-round and tickets average $40-$60 depending on which day of the week you go.

AT&T Stadium Tour | Website
Spend an afternoon touring the world’s largest domed structure, and home to the Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium. It’s also conveniently located just next door to Globe Life Field. They offer several daily tours such as a VIP guided tour, an art tour (who knew?!) and a self-guided tour. Tickets run from about $25 to $40 per person, depending on the type of tour you pick. It’s a pretty cool opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at this massive stadium.

Klyde Warren Park | Website
Klyde Warren is in the heart of Dallas, which is a decent drive from the Arlington area. However, if you’re headed east to check out the city, you’ll definitely want to stop here. Klyde Warren is a deck park located on top of one of the busiest highway connectors in the city. There’s always something happening here, and at least several food trucks to choose from.

Sundace Square | Website
If your trip takes you west towards Fort Worth, Sundance Square is a must. This lively entertainment district boasts some great restaurants, a movie theatre, the Bass Symphony Hall, and other entertaining options like stand up comedy.

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