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  1. As of 8/18/20 I have been to the following teams home ball parks in this order:

    01. Minnesota Twins (Metrodome)
    02. Kansas City Royals
    03. Chicago Cubs
    04. Pittsburgh Pirates
    05. Cleveland Indians
    06. Detroit Tigers
    07. Milwaukee Brewers
    08. Tampa Bay Rays
    09. Florida Marlins (Sun Life Stadium)
    10. Cincinnati Reds
    11. Philadelphia Phillies
    12. Atlanta Braves (Turner Field)
    13. Colorado Rockies
    14. Boston Red Sox
    15. Toronto Blue Jays
    16. Chicago White Sox
    17. Baltimore Orioles
    18. Washington Nationals
    19. Houston Astros
    20. Texas Rangers (Globe Life Park in Arlington)
    21. Arizona Diamondbacks

  2. Nice! I’ve been to 35 – including some of the olds like Yankee, Shea, Turner, Astrodome, etc. Thanks for joining the site. By the way, we’re working on the creation of a new tool that will allow you to list the ballparks you’ve been to in a separate location on your profile. This is a great solution in the meantime.

    1. Very cool! My wife and another close couple try to hit at least a ball park a year. Obviously things come up but it’s a great way to see the country and experience the eats, drinks, etc.

      The new feature to list the ball park visited would be awesome! With the way new parks pop up and who knows if teams will move or expansion….gets tricky trying to remember where I need to circle back too.

      I get a ball from each park and put the date on it. I have them displayed in a home plate shaped glass case 🙂

  3. Cool! When did you get to go? I visited this ballpark right after Hurricane Irma and there were about 10 other people there and everything was shut down so it made for an interesting game. I enjoyed their home run sculpture in the outfield!

  4. This is so much fun! I’ve seen a few home openers at the Trop. Last year we went to the opener at Wrigley and go to see a flyover, which definitely never happens inside the dome. Maybe one year, we’ll get to see @Decs do one!

  5. love Opening Day – I’ve been to several, and every time, it feels like a baseball holiday! The only problem is the weather. So often it’s cold and snowy around here in late March/early April!

      1. I got to tour this Park in September !  The plan was to see a game but Covid blocked that so I’ll try again in May !   park was so Beautiful tho and the area around outside the park had plenty to eat and drink !

  6. I love this! There is a great book by Paul Dickson called “The Joy of Keeping Score”. It covers some methods, but more importantly, the history and narrative behind scoring. A really cool read.

  7. Beth,
    I have been to the HOF twice, and I have some advice I hope you find valuable.
    The biggest piece of advice is the museum is big, and there is so much to see. If you want to get the most out of your experience, get there early! The museum and the town shops close around 5pm.
    Also, the last time I was in Cooperstown was two or three years ago and I know they were building up some new businesses. But it is a very small town in rual NY with little around it. Visit and support the small businesses if you can, but I suspect if you are only there for one day you will want to spend most of your time in the museum.
    Enjoy! It’s definitely worth seeing.

    1. Both of them were a little odd too, which I think would be pure luck as well. A 7-2-4 with two replays and an overturned call, then a 5-2-6-4. Perhaps both slightly unconventional?

    1. I think my first real opportunity will be when we go to Ireland next year. I know that’s not the traditional place to see an international baseball game but it would still be a blast if we can see a game there.

    1. Went the summer before my 30th birthday. Alaska is worth the trip on its own, but if you’re going you might as well go for the game. Fairbanks comes alive for the Summer Solstice and Midnight Sun Festival…it’s the city’s day to shine.

  8. Can’t speak to Asia, but after games in Cuba and Puerto Rico I plan on spending many more winter vacations in Latin America catching games. Get out of the cold, go to a party, watch a game…what’s not to love?

  9. It was at Black Bears’ park in Morgantown WV. They let season ticket holders take BP after the season ended for the first few seasons of existence. That was a great team (before MLB gutted them and the minors). It was such a family atmosphere and you could find the execs hanging out at the games. After half a season we were on a first name basis with them – and not because we actively sought them out, simply because they were so friendly.
    Actually, I remember commenting critically on social media about the new bag policy in the wake of one of our many mass shootings. About 45 mins after that, I received an unsolicited phone call from the GM who wanted to talk over the bag policy with me personally. I felt awful at that point, like I’d just insulted a favorite uncle at te the thanksgiving table. But that was how much that organization went out of their way to make you feel like you were part of the family.

    And, like I said, then the pandemic came and we lost a season. And then MLB came and took our Pirates affiliation away. Now it’s simply a rotating pickup game every summer. It’s all being controlled from far away and even management has rotated out 🙁

    Those were, by far, the best experiences I’ve ever had at a ballpark. It was idyllic. Fortunately, the college team plays there. Maybe when we get past the last wave, we’ll get tickets again, only for WVU.

  10. Man, you are so close! Those AL ones must be tough to get to. I remember seeing the Cubs play at the Trop and it was a huge deal because they so rarely make it there. Plus, it was Joe Maddon’s first game back to Tropicana. 

    1. Wow, that’s really cool! You’re right though, see the Cubs play at all the AL parks is challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun. Because interleague teams visit one another’s stadiums so rarely, usually only once every 6 years, although occasionally once in 3 years, it makes planning vacations & trips very exciting! When the next season’s schedule gets released, we immediately look for the road interleague games to see where & when we’ll be in the upcoming year. Fortunately, USUALLY, of the 3 interleague road series played (not including the natural rival team that is played home & home every season, which for the Cubs is the Sox,) MLB typically will schedule 2 of those 3 road series on weekends. So that makes traveling/taking time off of work more palatable. The 3rd road series is typically a home & home, where your team plays 2 homes games and the interleague team plays 2 home games. Those 2 games are almost always scheduled for a Tuesday and a Wednesday. So it’s getting to that 3rd interleague road stadium in a single season that is tough unless you commit to taking the time off work for that midweek series. — This season, 2022, the Cubs are playing the AL East, and are visiting Baltimore Tues-Wed in June, immediately following that same weekend with a trip to the Bronx. So we made the commitment, and we’re making 1 trip out of it! 2 days in Baltimore, Amtrak up to NYC, and the weekend in the Bronx! So exciting! And then we’re going to get to Toronto in August for the other road series, so we’ll be mowing through the AL East this season with only the Trop left to go in that division. Maybe see you there in 2025!? Lol. — And then as far as NL cities, since the Cubs go to each city at least once per season, we’ve just been knocking those out as can be done on weekend series when they are in a city we’ve not been to yet. This year will be Philly; a trip I’m very excited about as I’ve never been to Philly ever before. But yeah, it’s so much fun to see where and how we’ll be traveling in a given year based on the schedule. I’m soooo lucky my wife is on board with this way to traveling.

    1. Dislocation of my pinky. Had to have some surgery, which was more painfully expensive than just painful! The cool part is that I got to meet Chuck Morgan, the PA announcer for the Rangers. He was going to help me get the ball signed by the guy who hit it – Asdrúbal Cabrera. But, Cabrera got traded shortly after this happened and went on to win the World Series with the Nats that year! I still have the ball of course.

    1. Back in 2019, the Lowell Spinners (RIP, former Short Season Class-A of the Red Sox) had a promotion where every hour on the first day their tickets went on sale, if you bought a ticket you got something. The hour I happened to buy a tickets they let everyone who purchased throw out a first pitch at the game they went to. It was so cool to be on the mound and throw out the first pitch! The Spinners played the Hudson Valley Renegades that afternoon. I will have to add a picture when I get home!

  11. This is such a fun bucket list item for 3 reasons. 1) It really never ends. Eventually ballparks close and you get to return to cities again. 2) Planning out all of the interleague matchups over the course of several years is a ton of fun! 3) When you go see YOUR team for interleague, there are always tons of other fans of YOUR team that are there in that city, so it’s like you’re all on this little journey together not only at the ballpark but at local attractions, tourist sites, and restaurants! It’ll be like a mini LA takeover where ever you go. — My wife and I are currently on a mission to see the Cubs play in every ballpark, and we’re up to 20, but one of those is old Globe Life Park (so back to Arlington we must go!) The schedules are supposed to change starting in 2023 to be more “balanced”; I guess we’ll see what that ends up meaning for interleague play, but as of now, your Dodgers only play in 4 road interleague stadiums per season, and one of those is Anaheim every year, which you’ve probably already been to. That means you can only get to a max of 3 other AL stadiums per year, and that’s assuming you’re available to make all those trips! Otherwise, based on the current scheduling process, they won’t be back to those cities for 6 more years in most cases (sometimes it’s only 3 years, but that’s a toss-up; it’s usually 6 years.) So at best, you could get to every AL park in a minimum of 6 seasons, but if you’re like us and can’t make EVERY road interleague matchup, it’s more like a 12 or 18 year process, which I think makes its such an impressive & amazing bucket list item. Have fun! It’s a journey you’ll never forget.

    1. yes this is certainly going to take some time. I want to see every ballpark but with only so much disposable income it seems crazy not to make sure it coincides with when my team is there (especially since I live in northeast Ohio.)

      A work trip is taking me to Colorado this year so I am excited to knock Coors Field off the list.

      And yes, sometimes it does feel like a Dodgers home game even on the road. I saw them play the Reds in Cincinnati and it was all blue for that game!

  12. Love this! Doing the same thing for the Rays, but I am only 6 parks into it so far. I have plans to check off seeing them play at Target Field this summer! How many parks have you seen the Dodgers at?

    1. I am not far along in this journey. PNC (just got my tickets for back to back games in a few weeks!) Great American Ballpark and Progressive Field. Knocking out Coors Field this summer since I have a work trip to Colorado! Hoping they’re in Detroit next year to get that one in.

  13. MLB Extra Rewards points. I saved them up to throw first pitch at world series and got concerned that fans wouldn’t be allowed onto field so I booked all the first pitches I could find and gave others to my wife and five friends of mine.

  14. Hey there. The Cactus League in/around Phoenix currently has 10 stadiums. The Grapefruit League throughout Central/Southern Florida currently has 13 stadiums. I have them all listed on my Bucket List if you’d want to review.

  15. Stadiums visited so far:
    – Seattle (T-Mobile Park)
    – Los Angeles (Dodger Stadium – tour)
    – Anaheim (Angel Stadium)
    – Arizona (Chase Field)
    – Colorado (Coors Field)
    – Texas (Rangers Ballpark in Arlington – tour)
    – Kansas City (Kauffman Stadium)
    – St. Louis (Busch Stadium)
    – Chicago (Guaranteed Rate Field)
    – Milwaukee (American Family Field)
    – Cincinnati (Great American Ball Park)
    – Miami (Dolphin Stadium)
    – Tampa Bay (Tropicana Field)
    – Washington (Nationals Park)
    – New York (Yankee Stadium – tour)
    – Boston (Fenway Park – tour)

    1. Oh, that’s an interesting thought. It would be great to have that list. I may have to do some digging to see if even a partial one exists somewhere. So far I have just been using google maps to search out hotels that are next to ballparks and then following up individually. A list would really simplify things.

      1. I also browse ballparks to visit on Google maps when I have downtime at work. Based on my searches these are the ones so far that I’ve seen with hotels looking in

        Rodgers Centre- Toronto
        Riders Field-Frisco, Texas
        Bricktown Ballpark-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
        Parkview Field-Fort Wayne, Indiana
        BB&T Ballpark-Charlotte, North Carolina

  16. Great post. Angels are the best by far, they should just wear those uniforms as their regular uniform. Love the Miami and Colorado ones too. My only disagreement of your list is I think the Padres ones are atrocious. As a Brewer fan I’m pretty disappointed with ours, all I really like is the grill patch.

    1. Thank you! I totally agree with you about the Angels and have been saying the same. Their current uniforms and logos provide no sense of team/community identity at all. I’d love to see the City Connect uniforms make the jump to their primary home uniforms. The Brewers are tough. I absolutely see what they were going for and I appreciate their effort, but outside of that grill patch (which I also like a lot), they just miss the mark and don’t look great. The MKE / 414 logo just looks messy. As a Mets fan, I’m both excited and terrified of their eventual City Connects.

  17. I personally think the Angels and the White Sox are the best. As an Astros fan I love ours but I think they could’ve been a little more adventurous with the space theme. I absolutely love the hats and would be cool with them making that our regular every day hat

    1. Joey, it was good. It’s in my keeper stack of books! The book started with an interesting history on sign-stealing in baseball, and then moved at a good pace. I was expecting a hate-filled book towards the Astros, but I didn’t walk away from the book thinking that. I read a lot at 20-30 pages at a pop and it is a 260-page book that I moved through in less than two weeks.

  18. Would be happy to have you join us one day! We do annual tours. You can sign up for our newsletter at And we plan to bring a group to the Midnight Sun Game again in 2025!

  19. I have been to 15 current parks
    Also have been to Baltimore Memorial Stadium, Veterans Stadium, Shea Stadium, old Yankee Stadium and Candlestick Park. Will be checking off Kansas City this August.

  20. In March 2019, I ran a half marathon in Hawaii on a Saturday morning and later that afternoon drove across the island to see Fresno Pacific University beat University of Hawai’I at Hilo, 8-2. I got lucky and got one of the two hardest ones!

  21. We just stayed at Live! By Lowes next to Globe Life last night. Beautiful views of the old park, current park, and AT&T Stadium. Definitely would recommend booking the night of a 1pm game when the team is off the next day…very affordable that way!

    1. I always get in to Fenway early to go and watch batting practice. I like to drag my friends along with me to games, and I always make sure to warn them not to be on their phones during batting practice. So, we’re out in the bleachers, and bp has been going on for a while now and I decide to check to see what time it is so that we can get food and get to our seats before the game starts. All is well, and as I’m putting my phone back in my pocket, BOOM! I got hit right in the cheek and the ball ricocheted off of my chest and onto the ground. I was in such shock that I didn’t even react- All of the players and people around me were stunned that I got hit and was just miraculously fine! I ended up with the ball and an ENORMOUS bruise that lasted for a few weeks. If this ever happens again, I will be throwing myself onto the floor and asking for a team signed bat 😭😭

  22. I had one came down off the overhead canopy above and behind me Saturday night in Cleburne (American Association) and landed in front of me. I picked it up, turned around and gave it to the young boy behind me. It had been awhile since I had one come in my direction.

  23. Here in El Paso, I can see the ballfield clearly from my 14th floor room at the Doubletree, but there’s a Marriott Courtyard that’s even closer to be able to do what you’re wanting to!

    1. That’s awesome! Thanks for the tip! We’re trying to figure out a way (financially/logistically/schedule-wise) to do a west coast swing and coming through El Paso is definitely a possibility.

    1. In to the book I referenced, the authors went to the Walker Tavern Historic Site just outside Brooklyn, MI in July 2018 “to see baseball as it might have been played in the nineteenth century. Part historical re-enactment, part athletic contest” using “rules from the 1860’s, with players and umpire in period costume.”
      My internet search led me to Southern California Vintage Base Ball (the interwebs knowing where I am) at The 8 team league uses Spalding’s BaseBall Guide of 1886. Vintage uniforms and equipment such as bats and gloves are required.
      I’m hopeful to report back after next Saturday 9/9 if all goes as planned…

    1. I just moved to DFW in July and went to my first MLB game July 3 (great game vs Astros despite the loss). Have been to 7 more games since then and have tickets to the last 2 home series this (regular!) season. Glad to finally get to see my team!

    1. Honestly would’ve preferred if he did get the no-hitter. Always love seeing cool baseball stuff, no matter which team is doing it! Similar feeling when Altuve hit back-to-back-to-back homers at Globe Life on Sept. 5.

  24. Needed to look it up myself … so to help everybody, “Liga de Béisbol Profesional Roberto Clemente”, the main professional baseball league in Puerto Rico; it is colloquially referred to as the Puerto Rican Winter League

  25. Same thing. Didn’t know. The Dominican Republic Professional Baseball League (Spanish: Liga de Béisbol Profesional de la República Dominicana or LIDOM) is a professional baseball winter league consisting of six teams spread across the Dominican Republic; it is the highest level of professional baseball played in the Dominican Republic.