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Track Ballparks

You can keep track of your visited ballparks right on your own profile!

  1. Navigate to your profile profile dropdown menu by clicking your name in the menu bar.
  2. Click Edit My Ballparks

If on mobile, click Edit my Ballparks in the menu.

Total Number of Parks Visited

Enter the number of ballparks you’ve visited. You can include active, non-active, and minor league parks if you’d like. Whatever metric you use to keep track!

Active MLB Parks

The 30 active MLB parks are populated automatically in the next dropdown area. You can search for each ball park individually, or select from the list of all 30.

  • If you accidentally choose a park you haven’t yet been to, just click the X in the corner
  • The ballparks will automatically appear in alphabetical order

Non-Active MLB Parks

If you’d like to track the old or non-active MLB parks you’ve been to, you can add those details here.

Put each park on its own line, then highlight them all and click the Numbered List button in the toolbar. This will automatically count each park.

Other Parks

If you track minor league, international, or independent ballparks, you can list them in this area of your profile. Follow the same directions listed above for non-active MLB parks.

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